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RESTOCKED  🎄’ restock Nov. 17th 🌹’ shop down below ↴

cinabon frosting🤩
you can buy this slime link in bio! 8oz for $6

starburst cereal💘
i will be restocking this slime tomorrow at 12am EST, and it will be discounted to $3 for 8oz :)

slime review for @radiantslime -
i loved the duo it was so cute!! but the other slime (the last one i played with) has a scent that was kinda nauseating lmao. anyways, packaging was really professional and nothing leaked or spilled! I really enjoyed this package from @radiantslime

random purple slime🔮💟
i just needed a non pink #slime to post and i found this one... restocking on november 17th!

i’m having a huge restock on november 17th, I will be ֆɛʟʟɨռɢ 8oz slimes for $4-6

freshly picked strawberries🍓
this is one of the five slimes i’m restocking on nov 17th! it’ll be limited edtition :) it’s a pink thick/slight butter slime that has a fruity scent ✨

only one slime left in stock!! if you buy today your order will be shipped out today! also i will include 2oz extra slime and a bunch of other extras 🤠
#slime #smoreslimee #asmr

i’d like to apologize for lack of new videos, hopefully i’ll be able to film soon... also i only have 3 ish slimes in stock, the link is in my bio :)

are you dressing up for halloween?
i’m gonna be eeyore from winnie the pooh🤩🤩
happy halloween!! i might do another giveaway today/tomorrow (hint hint)

slime from @the.slimey.pug
this was a 32 oz slime, the container is huge!! sadly it cracked in many places so i couldn’t use it anymore :( anyways the slime was stiff (probably because of unexpected freezing weather), but i can fix it when i get more lotion! it drizzles really nicely tho🤩

currently watching Degrassi and it’s so good woww, i’m only on season 7 btw🤠

adding beads to unicorn gum🤩

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