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When I was on some type of break from school or a random weekend, my dad would ask me if I wanted to go to work with him. Most of the time I said yeah because I either needed money or didn’t have to do anything else or I felt like I needed to help him out. He usually had a crew of guys he worked with that switched up all the time. I knew he needed my help cause I was sort of a last resort because he could pay me less cause I was his kid and didn’t have the skills his crew had. Regardless of that, I usually learned a lot on the jobs about painting, power washing or random things about my dad. It was always nice to spend time with him even if we were across the room from each other trying to paint around the baseboards. Sometimes before work we would go to McDonald’s or 7-Eleven for breakfast. He usually got a coffee wherever we went even though he’d had a cup before we’d left the house. I usually got orange juice a breakfast sandwich of some sort, always the same type, eggs and cheese with bacon on a different bun depending on the place. Sometimes like today, I come to sit and remember what it was like sitting across from him or driving with him eating my sandwich in the car. I wish I could eat McDonald’s with my dad and paint a room at some strangers house with him again. Today, I’m missing him with all my heart.

I’m beyond happy that I got the chance to visit this beautiful “shithole” with @murielfoto and our class. Although my time there was maybe the sweatiest I had ever been, I was always amazed at how beautiful the light, the people, and the scenery was there. I wish Trump would go to El Zonte and go swim in the ocean and have the rip current take him away. I hate everything about that man but I love El Salvador 🇸🇻 #elsalvador #elsalvadorimpresionante #fucktrump #impeachtrump

Sunrise before work #mamiya7

Parts of the waterfalls at Niagara Falls are frozen cause it’s so cold out. This image is from September when it was nice and warm. @apboris and me had stayed in Niagara for a few days and I had Alec Soth’s Niagara project on my mind the entire time. Thank you Alec Soth for making me fall in love with photography more and more every time I see your work. Also, I hope everyone stays warm through these frigid times. Only a few more months until Springtime! ❄️🌸 #mamiya7 #niagara

Happy New Years, everybody. I hope your 2018 is filled with love and motivation and anything else you need to make it a better year than the last ❤️

Waist deep in the water I’m too afraid to let myself float in #jerseyshore #mamiya7 #kodakportra #6x7 #mediumformat

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everybody. ❤️ miss you, pop

Spending time with the willow tree ❤️ #mediumformat #mamiya7 #6x7 #kodakportra #clarksburgmd

Jodi’s ball

Happy birthday to my beautiful sack of potatoes, to my best friend, Amber aka Big Bug aka Yung Boris aka Slammer aka Crimson Chin. Thanks for always making me laugh and for dancing with me in the car. Thanks for always going to Checkers and Taco Bell with me. And thanks for hanging out with me even if I smell sometimes. You’re my best bud and I hope you have a great day. One day I’ll give you all the Chick Fil A lemonade you deserve but right now all I have are vanilla tootsie rolls and a yellow Gatorade ❤️ #23 #Sardis #partyatsardislater #yellowgatorade #lean #meatinthestreet #sickslug #420 #jumpman #mamiya7 #6x7 #kodakportra #frozenpeas #cucumberwithsalt

Over the summer, Amber took me to the end of Spring Lake and I found my favorite place to go sit and look at the ocean #6x7 #mamiya7 #kodakportra #jerseyshore #springlake #notbelmar #springlakeisok

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