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Top 500 #1/#2 Zarya On Ps4💫  SR; 4404 PSN » SmolKiitten DM me, let’s be friends! Best friends ⬇️ @jinx2630 @wintersvoid My duo ⬇️ @olowkeyjay

Wow look I saved point and won us the game without only pressing triangle 🧐 I’m super sick rn so I’ve been a bit off when playing comp so I lost a lot of games today going from 4310 to 4210 so ripperoni. I’m not too worried though since I know I can climb back, excited to play more tomorrow 💗

Hiya! -
First clip is my 4th sextuple!! I’ve managed to get a new career high of 4407 & hit number 1 Zarya on ps4 but yesterday I got a massive losing streak due to just poor matchmaking and being unlucky so now I’m 4233. But I definitely will be climbing back up. I hope comp has been treating you well (if you play it.) My end season goal is to be 4400, it’ll be tough but I believe I can do it because nothing is impossible 😉💪🏼💪🏼

Hi I hit 4400, still #2 Zarya but I’m SUPER close to #1 so plsplspls pray for me😭 my sr goal rn is 4450 so maybe I could hit that! Also can I just say my duo @olowkeyjay is the best duo to ever exist?!?! Always hyping me up and we work so well together 😫💓

Hi it’s me, carry Zarya here where I save point constantly. (Also hear the best duo ever @olowkeyjay hype me up😩💓💓) also peep my 3rd sextuple with Zarya during the last clip!! My new career high is 4246 >internal screaming< ending tonight 4214 💖 GOODNIGHT BBYSS

Izkiitty who? Mercy who? They’re dead. ~> SmolKiitten <~ tho? She’s a god. ☺️🤭(update for those not able to see story; climbed to #3 Zarya & 4188 but tryna act cool even tho I’m internally screaming!!!¡¡) also i would like to say me and @olowkeyjay are the NUTTIEST tank duo to ever exist >climbed 200SR with him<💗💗💗& the last clip was my 2nd sextuple with Zarya! :c hopefully I can hit 4200 today

5 days ago, I decided to start playing overwatch again on my new account. (Smolkiitten) and I definitely did NOT want to be a mercy main again because of all the hate I got. So after much thought, I decided on Zarya & Tracer being my mains. (More so Zarya) once I reached level 25 I jumped straight into comp and was placed pretty low (for being a top 500 on my old account) I got placed 3017. Determination to become the grandmaster that I knew I could be, I grinded out comp. In 4 days, 29 in game hours, 1005 SR later. I made it. Don’t tell me I can’t do something because; I WILL prove you wrong. Your previous “one trick” mercy in top 500 who was supposedly boosted, is now grandmaster # 8 Zarya. You can get anything you’re determined to get. ✨👋🏼

Decided to repost my tracer vid with a few new clips in it, I’m doing my placements tonight for my new account!! I can’t wait! How has your weekend been going? I’m sick so it hasn’t been the best for me :((

I HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS AS MUCH AS I DO. @skidrow_73 @tyler_fletcher1

🖤🥀 I know you so well 🥀🖤


I think I’m getting better finallyyy☺️

Hi why am I so bad at Fortnite ;-; BUT I HAVE THE BEAR SKIN SO IM HAPPPYY

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