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Tania Zhang 🌹🐚💉♏️  Full time tattoo artist, part time mermaid 🐚Yonge Street Tattoos 🐚

This little minx gets a rosy glow and icy blue eyes.

#seashelloftheday XXVI. Sunset Sea (my favourite colors)

WOW, I am blown away by these photos of me at work. I hardly remember them being taken at all! 💙💚💜 BIG shout-out and thank you to my talented client who wishes only to be known as BUCKINGHAM.

It’s been a busy end-of-summer start-of-autumn but I’ve been productive and will have lots to post and tell!
For now, here’s my #seashelloftheday XXV. Gwynefar, the Pious One, in a sea of virgin blue 💙

In spirit of late summer...I wanted to share these two sheets of summer-themed flash done by me and @minimaidapprentice
Inspired by bright summer fruits and veggies, Black-eyed Susans, and other hot weather treats. ❤️💛💚💙💜 thanks for looking 🙏

XXIV. Tania’s Special Scallop. Why is today’s shell so special, you ask? Cuz it’s a drawing for a tattoo I’m gonna get done soon by my lovely coworker @sarah.a.scott_tattoos 😉
It’s also special cuz it’s gonna be on a very special body part 😉 stay tuned

New photo gear, who dis?! #nofilter dis shit. Okay seriously, if I had known taking better photos was just a matter of throwing a couple hundred dollars at the problem, I would’ve taken better photos years ago. This is why I draw. Because I’m no good with cameras.

XXIV. Viviane, Lady of the Lake.

Kali, Destruction Mermaid.
Thanks for the free rein and for sitting like a rock @jaranorman 🙏

XXIII. Igraine (Tintagel) 😍 so in love with my latest #seashelloftheday and bonus points if you get the reference 😉
Hope everyone is having a beautiful midsummer 🌒🌞

Cat fish. 🐱🐟

XXII. Morgana La Fey a.k.a. Morgan of the Fairies

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