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Sue Lee  today i live to be a better person than i was yesterday // currently working @Twitch partnerships ; esports host at (bookings:

My super sweet coworker got me a new workout outfit for my birthday and intentionally bought me something colored (since i always wear black) - was outside of my comfort zone but decided to try it out anyway :)

Have a good night/good morning wherever you are 😊 ✌️edit: LMFAO I posted two pics with the same exact pic and angle in a row hahehjwfhkrkeifodnrdjdjhahahafrek I need more poses help 😅😂

Day 1 of WCS Montreal over, can’t believe we’re almost at the end of the year already, time is flyinngggg byyyyyy

This past weekend I turned 28 - I feel just as non-adult as last year and almost felt a panic at not feeling like “I have my shit together” but beyond all that nonsense, I am so grateful to a) work with, and be inspired by my friends and coworkers and partners on a daily basis b) have true friendships that are withstanding time and distance apart. This is my best friend Stephanie and I was so fortunate to see her in Seattle as she was coincidentally there at the same time. Even if I never “feel” put together, I take comfort in knowing I am constantly challenged, and made better by the people I have surrounded myself with. Every time I question my own perspective or kindness or motive on anything in life, even if and when I fail, I know my friends will be there to guide me to be better because of it. Today I live to be a better person than I was yesterday - this is my yearly motto and even if next year I’m just as not-put-together as this year, I trust I’ll be fine with the people beside me.

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA @omgitspotter @allispeed

No context photo from today 🔨

Hard to upload when I’m dressing in gym clothes everyday looking bummy hehhhh. Trying to get the bum bigger and it’s been tough bc #aznlife but realtalk guys I found out my right buttcheek is bigger than my left and overcompensates for my left so that even when I do a normal squat I lean to my right without even realizing it 😭 luckily my trainer noticed and is quick to adjust me whenever I do this (which seems to be every freaking time whyyyy) thank god i got a trainer who noticed this shit otherwise would’ve ended up w/ a butt that looked like a sideways pear. Do any of you have assymmetrical butts ROFL goddamn. Also next event for me will be PAX West hope to see some of you there ☺️☺️☺️

Stronger looking legs! 💪 slowly but surely :) I remember 10 yrs ago my calves were massive from playing volleyball, then at the beginning of this year I tried flexing and realized nothing was moving because literally all my muscle had atrophied and nothing was left. Super happy to see definition and muscle coming back! Another goal this month has been to cook more at home and only eat out/order in once a week - my reliance on food delivery got a little insane so this was actually a big step for me lolol. Anyone else order food way too much 😅

From ELEAGUE Premier 2 weeks ago :) (📸: John Nowak, ELEAGUE)

Happy international cat day to my babies Miku and Nimbus 🐱🐱 ❤️❤️❤️

Happy three years Robin Johansson! Still the kindest person I know, still inspired everyday to be a better person because of you. Thank you for your eternal patience with my flaws, and for loving me unconditionally through everything. I am so grateful to live this life together with you ❤️

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