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Classic, buttery, tender and stretchy Parker House rolls with a pretzel wash that makes them dark, shiny and unmistakably special on top. Good for brunch and small lunch sandwiches, they especially win at Thanksgiving. [Pretzel Parker House Rolls on or linked in profile]

An almost wintry slaw with slivered cauliflower, deeply toasted almonds, vinegar-plumped currants and the magic that is crispy fried capers, so good you may never eat bacon again. (Gotcha! I wanted to see if you you were still reading. But seriously, it's amazing.) [Cauliflower Slaw on or linked in profile]

My husband's favorite Thanksgiving dessert is (shockingly) not bourbon pumpkin cheesecake or even chocolate pecan pie but this: a buttery tart shell filled with fresh cranberries, cooked until collapsed in a salted butterscotch sauce crunched with toasted almonds. [Cranberry, Caramel and Almond Tarts on or linked in profile]

Are you tasked with finding a vegetarian main for Thanksgiving that’s a) not just everyone else’s side dish, b) ideally contains protein, c) would be a good fit for the other harvest-y flavors on the table? These baby galettes are the show-stealing answer. [Roasted Leek and White Bean Galettes on or linked in profile]

Simple roasted cauliflower with four ingredients that I hadn't combined in exactly this way before that immediately became unforgettable, a new instant favorite. [Roasted Cauliflower with Pumpkin Seeds, Brown Butter and Lime on or linked in profile]

Guess what? TODAY IS THE DAY, the day you are going to master all butter, really flaky pie dough and never look back. It's dead simple -- just keep everything cold and everything will be okay -- there are a lot of photos and notes to coach you along, and (drumroll) you can make a whole bunch today and freeze them until Thanksgiving. Pie season: We are so ready for you. [All Butter, Really Flaky Pie Dough on or linked in profile]

A buttery, spiced gingersnap and brown sugar crumbled lid atop a mess of tender, sweet pears and slumped, tart cranberries, bubbling through cracks in the rubbled surface. Our weekend? Ought to smell like this. [Pear, Cranberry and Gingersnap Crumble on or linked in profile]

In which I attempt to veer the sweet potato as far from its sweet, texture-free nature and into the realm of ... potato chips. Or, at least as close as you can get them in a casserole dish. Finish it with the contrast of a Thanksgiving Salsa Verde (parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme, of course) or keep it simple and classic with creme fraiche, chives, and parsley. [Crispy Sweet Potato Roast on or linked in profile]

A ridiculously simple biscuit recipe, but all dressed up for the holidays. You can make some today and freeze them for Thanksgiving, or make them today for breakfast because who wants to wait for biscuits this good? [Parsley Pecorino Biscuits on or linked in profile]

A pumpkin pie for traditionalists, the kind you're secretly hoping will be on the table, as it always has been, on Thanksgiving. A few tweaks -- less sugar, an extra egg, cream instead of evaporated milk -- make it even better, as does a chance to be a little extra with a pecan praline sauce topping. Yes, please. [Classic Pumpkin Pie with Pecan Praline Sauce on or linked in profile]

New: Nothing breaks up the heaviness of casseroles and gratins and stuffing and gravy like a crispy, green, and complex salad, and this one (my son has declared it his favorite salad) is particularly epic. A few tweaks -- roasted garlic, pecorino, and spicy candied walnuts -- make it a worthy update to a classic. Promise. [Roberta's Roasted Garlic Caesar Salad on or linked in profile]

What do you make vegetarian guests and friends on Thanksgiving? Here's a start -- a sheet pan-sized savory pie filled with grains and vegetables. It's flexible; try a mix of vegetables, try different seasonings. But don't forget that glossy, gridded top (way easier than it looks), which is prettier than any turkey I've ever seen. 😉 [Mushroom and Barley Pie on or linked in profile]

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