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So the madness continues !!!!

The “Summer of Smittee” is spilling in to the Fall of 2018 😎. I’ll be back in Massachusetts next Tuesday 9/11 someone call 911 😂!!! This is what’s up, your disc my artwork, that simple. Get me a disc and I’ll put something Cool on it... easy

So this is what you’ll see inside the Ocean Breeze Tiki bar. Most of the walls are airbrushed. Rami was awesome to work with, I pretty much painted the first tiki head for him and he loved it. From there he just let me run wild with the walls . I had a lot of fun there for a couple of months.

So the first pic is Wildside from 6 years ago and last summer and fall they added a deck on street level on Flagler Ave and also put the Ocean Breeze Tiki bar on the roof. These photos today are the outside wall facing the street from my previous post yesterday. So the challenge was when they did all this decking and the top bar was going to be all tiki design and the owner didn’t want to paint over the underwater life mural on his building. So I came up with where the decks roof was to the top of the building was going to be beach and jungle and below the roof would look like under a dock and keep the sea turtle and sharks still swimming around. It was the only way to make sense of the existing mural with all the new additions. Each of the cartoon tribal people represents the food and alcohol served at the tiki bar.

This is one of the outside walls that ends up having some tables over it. I airbrushed all of it and clear-coated before the tables went in. This was a very fun roof top bar job in New Smyrna Beach it’s called Ocean Breeze tiki bar. I’ll be posting pics of other walls I did there soon.

So here's some up date photos on the Crows Nest in New Smyrna. It's still in the making but having fun with it. It's about 22 feet to the bottom of the word "grille". This place is really catching some attention.

Just getting started over here at the Crow's Nest in New Smyrna Beach. It's a beautiful day for airbrushing and this place is a top notch addition to New Smyrna. I'll keep you all posted over the next few weeks and show plenty of photos.

Just restored the turtle, it's a steel sculpture I made for a client about five years ago. He just got sandblasted, primed, sealed and airbrushed with automotive paint and finished with a couple of good coats of clear.

Chilling.... on a warm spring night.

Working the local barns.

Lurking in the early evening...

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