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Alex🌷  Compliments are the most amazing things you can give someone.. along with cookies.

Why was everything always against us

I was using that tissue in my hand for my tears

miss how loudly you would purr m, hope you're safe lil bud

My arms getting thinner from no exercise, I need a hair cut and I have only eaten one box of girl scout cookies. I'm LOOSING myself >:'|

I'm missing this big guy so much it's unreal. Only posting it because it makes me feel like someone's listening to what I have to say (': .
But man, you came into my life October 21, 2015. And with your presence alone it gave me so much. I always believed that in a way you saved me. Coming in at a very low point in my life, you gave me a purpose and I was your purpose. It was as if you and me were the same only so different. Making a bond with not only just the both of us, but strengthening a previously fading bond with another of my friends. And just how loyal and understanding you were was something I needed. Whenever I'd go out with bad intentions you would follow and it always stopped me because I knew you depended on me. And so now that I'm away, I've never felt so awful. Just thoughts of you are truly painful. I know I already talked with you about it but I knew you didn't understand a word I said. I like to believe you did, makes me feel a bit better. And it's worse that you're waiting on me to come home so you could jump on me. I really miss the way you'd put your big head on me when I'm laying down, or how you would take up half the bed, I'd have to wake you up and slowly move you. It was all taken for granted. I hope you stay safe little buddy, I've wanted nothing but the best for you, I just wish things could have been different but it was out of our control. Missing you tons.

Nearly broke my neck trying to flex my jawline

still smiling

I need to find a gym )':

I don't know what to do with my feed anymore

I love reflections , both literal and metaphorical

Change can be a lot of things. It can be scary at times, but it can also be good. You decide how to see it

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