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Joanne George  Born without eyes in a puppy-mill, rescued, and is now a child therapy dog. Teaching the world to see with your heart. β™₯️

You've been with us for the good times ... he wants you all here for the hard times. Please continue to follow us on this journey. He belongs to us all, I was chosen to share him with the world. πŸ’– #greatestdogever #prayforsmiley

Not a good day today. He ate only a bit of breakfast and has been sleeping all day. Maybe because yesterday was a good day, today has to be an "off" day? #greatestdogever #prayforsmiley

Sometimes the best medicine is love. Thank you for repaying all the love Smiley has given to you all. The outpouring of love & support has been unbelievable. #greatestdogever #seewithyourheart #sharethelove #prayforsmiley

My mom has always been one of Smiley's biggest fans ... before the world even knew him. This is tough for everyone. #greatestdogever Please continue to pray for him - its working. You guys are amazing. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Love yourself enough that you know what's good for you. πŸ’–πŸ’– Rest sweet boy.

Smiley ate up a small breakfast this morning and was eager to get outside. It's as though he wants to go somewhere bc he went to the truck and waited. Cottage buddy?? #greatestdogever #prayforsmiley #cancersucks

Night-night Shepherd. See you in the morning. I promise. ~Smiley~

We are on a constant watch for a smile today. Yesterday was a long day for him - X-ray after X-ray, ultrasounds, needles, strange people, noises and scents and without his mom. I'm happy to sit by his side as he sleeps today and give him gentle pats when he wakes up. He ate his breakfast which is fantastic. The main thing is we are controlling his pain. There will be no more pain for Smiley. Keep up with the prayers - he's fighting this. πŸ’–

Smiley is where he needs to be right now. Home. 🏑 We are praying for many days of comfort for him. His smile is still as bright. #greatestdogever I can't believe this is really happening. I thought he would live forever.

Sweet Smiley you deserve all things great. We will be back for you. It's not your time just now. Please don't go yet. #greatestdogever .
Please don't call the clinic if you want to help ... link in bio for the Smiley shirts - we are much appreciative for your help with this.

Smiley suddenly won't eat today - he started off fine and went out to do his business and came in looking for a morning snack before breakfast but then when his breakfast was ready he wouldn't eat, he was trembling and seemed painful. I wasn't sure if it was abdominal pain or if it was his back possibly. So he's had some Famotidine and a dose of a pain reliever. If it's his back I want him to rest and don't want to strain him more by transferring him to the vet hospital. I've been massaging his back in case there's any spasm. He's sleeping soundly comfy on his bed so I will watch him and see how he is when he wakes. Please send him your prayers. πŸ™πŸ»

If you close your eyes you can feel the sun setting. Smiley doesn't miss anything.

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