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Smile  Psalm 91 🌈

Di kita tatantanan #TikTok πŸ˜‚

That's me!!! Nyahaha. I've always wanted to have shots like this. Thanks #Pitu for making it so convenient and so easy. 😁

13 Reasons Why hang-over. πŸ˜†

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after takbo, buffet.


More than just a hobby.
Writing... πŸ“
#TheStealLikeAnArtistJournal 😍

Browsing my files and saw this. ❀ Finally, I cried. This made me cry. These past weeks have been very tough on me. But yes, as always, I GOTTA BE STRONG AND FIRM for the people that are rooting on me. It felt like I was born and not entitled to be sad and weak. πŸ’” Like I every thing is always okay-okay. πŸ‘Œ There were times that I wanted to cry (A LOT) but I don't know how to. I am aware that I needed a "good cry" because I feel so pained, so exhausted and so tired but at the same time so NUMB. I wanted to entertain my emotions but it doesn't want to be noticed. I don't know how to and where to vent my sentiments. I might be expressive in most possible ways but I don't like sharing my deep inner emotions to anyone. I like keeping it and dealing it myself until I am okay. That is my routine for a long time. πŸ˜„ Most people see me as an outgoing, always smiling, vibrant, strong, straight forward, and all...but no one knows that there is always this sensitive girl behind the facade that needs a tap on her back. '

And seeing this photo, simple thing maybe, but it touched the most hidden and intractable vein inside my heart. lol. πŸ˜‚ All the pain, sleepless nights, effort and hardwork? All worth it. Maybe I was just tired that I needed to pause for a while. 🌈 At the end of the day, I know that I am blessed most especially with my friends and loved ones. They keep me going.

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Kasalanan ng ulan to! 😑🀣

All time favorite πŸ“
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Where the magic begins... 🌈

kilay is life

Ikaw kasi talaga ang masarap balik-balikan, Sagada!


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