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Miles Guthrie Robbins  Two twelve year olds in a trench coat. Part of the @powpowfamilyband and @howcan_i_helpyou. I take @photographs_of_my_food

Who wore it better?

How Can I Help You? to finish up our first day in Times Square! :-)

Me as Charles Darwin for a school project

Origin Story

Audio didn't record on my unboxing video

post gala courtship

I'm a Guggenheimer ball boy.

Me in October Vs. Me in November

This is my cousin Kai doing a really cool flying kick. Surprisingly, this isn't even the coolest thing about my cousin Kai. Though he is too young to vote he has spent the past semester registering the eligible voters at his high school in Florida and working for local campaigns. I'm very proud of him. If you are eligible to vote in the US midterm elections, I hope you remember that tomorrow is the day to vote. If you are eligible, and choose not to vote, you're being a real jerk to my cool cousin Kai and all of the other young people in this country that have the most to gain and the most to lose because of the choices made by our leaders. Voting might feel like a small action. And it is. You may just be one voice in a massive crowd. But if you choose not to vote at all you might as well be a peanut shell being stepped on at a baseball game.

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