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Smile Apartments  Welcome to the World of #Smile #Apartments in the beautiful #Wachau! Are you ready to explore #Krems, #Dürnstein and the surrounding?

This restaurant is something special!
As extraordinary as it looks as delicious is the food they offer. 🍔🍛🍧
Just by describing it you won't feel the atmosphere of this restaurant, so definately convince yourself and visit it soon!
For the brave eaters and the ones where the calories of an desert doesn't count - ask for the "freak shake" 😉

Super Tipp für die heißen Tage! Von 3.-5. August gehen in Hollenburg, nahe von Krems die Danube Action Days in die 5. Runde. 🏄‍♂️🥇

When female dominance is so strong that you have to make a statue of it 🎨🗿
Fun fact: Back in the early 20th century female dominance was so powerful, men had to set up a brother hood to have a reason to go out and meet each other. Such men were called "Simandl", which means henpecked husband. That's how the fountain got its name - "Simandlbrunnen".
Men, would do you think about it?🤔 Let us know in the comments 👇

This is for the ones who don't take life too seriously!
The mystery says, if you stay long enough in the "Karikaturmuseum Krems" your mouth will do strange things on it's own - be aware!
Secret hint: 😁 .. 😉

Hungry? Jump on your bike, follow the danube river towards "Stein an der Donau" and find this awesome restaurant - the so called "Wellenspiel"!
You have to try the delicious breakfast to start your day or enjoy the terrific amtosphere in the evening with a little meal and a glas of wine while looking at the floating water right next to you! Enjoy!🍷🍽️....and don't can go there by car too 😉 📸 @aufderalist

An sporty idea for a day in Krems and sorroundings:
1. Start a cycling tour from Smile Apartments at the Dreifaltigkeitsplatz
2. head towards Stein and cycle up the hill to Egelsee
3. find this wonderful spot in the picture called "Donauwarte"
4. go up the stairs in the video and get rewarded with something worth the effort
5. continue the ride downhill and get you some ice cream and a cool drink at the "Wellenspiel" restaurant
6. get back home and fall asleep in your Smile Apartment full of ice cream and happiness😄

The "cabin in the woods" 🏡
Better known as "Ferdinand-Warte" in "Bergern", a few minutes away from Krems by car, is one of the many viewing platforms of the Wachau. Not quite as scary as the equal called film but for sure worth a visit! 😉
What are your thoughts on this scenery? 📸 @kremstory

For movie lovers! 🎥 🍿
When the night is clear the “Kino im Kesselhaus” offers something special - from 4th to the 22nd of july you get the chance to watch films under the stars on a huge screen! Enjoy the show!
For more information check out their website:

What’s your favorite movie? 🎞 Let us know in the comments!

Sightseeing 101: don't miss the city's landmark!
The Steinertor - in the past one of the 4 city gates, today the entrance to a city full of culture, history and shopping opportunities 😊
Do you like it? Let us know in the comments :)

The beauty of Stift Göttweig 😍
Discover Stift Göttweig and enjoy your dinner at the restaurant terrace with a breathtaking view of the beautiful Wachau 🍹
📸by @asenseofhuber

#Mswachau ahoi!
Drinking some wine..eating a delicious the magnificent landscape of #wachauvalley pass by..that's what i call relaxing on vacation😊

For a cruise book at:

You will probably see the beautiful & rare emerald lizard 🦎with a little luck during a hike in the wachau area.

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