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Nicole DaCamara  Not my preferred social medium.

Leaving New York // R.E.M.

This song isn't about the city really at all but I'm going to falsely apply it to my life for the aesthetic and R.E.M. pride

Usually, family is defined by blood, but that just gets super messy and stains a whole bunch, and then I realize my tide to go stick is dry, so I'll think we'll just stick with this.
Love ya like the fam you are, PS !! 💘

Grateful to KU for bringing her to the city and to me again ❤

Jackie Kennedy likes Chipotle as much as the next American, she just needs her secret service personnel to check for salmonella first. #BOOritos

It's a good thing I came into Manhattan with a lot of photo storage & the knowledge of the rule of thirds

I went to Oktoberfest and met her whole family, am I a Wenzel now?

We won these Chuck E Cheese friendship bracelets last night and in turn became role models for everyone there under 12 #prom2016

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SOUL SISTER MEGGY 👭 thanks for being dark and twisty and laughing at all the Scream movies with me, especially @ Jenny McCarthy... I can hardly wait for you to get back from Cali, but for now, hope you have a day half as fab as me, ILY !! P.S. the Scream reboot series is on Netflix...

Excited to become a Johnnie this fall! Can't believe NYC will be my home for the next four years of my life, a true dream come true!!! Stephen Colbert is going to know my name after all my visits 🌃

Can't wait to use our spaghetti-twirling forks in the UD dining halls with you 🍝

HAPPY 18TH TO MY BABY HOLLS SKANK/BEYONCÉ 👭💩😻 thanks for making half of my senior yr entertaining!! I'll miss you during your UDEL days, but I can't wait to party at Chuck E. Cheese and trash Milbitch w you!!

my new lil license has proved that I am in fact a through and through valley girl

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