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Smiggle Asia Oficial 🇸🇬🇲🇾🇭🇰  😀where a smile meets a giggle! 📸tag @smiggle_asia & hashtag #smiggleasia for a chance to be featured!

loved our junior pencil cases? 👍🏽our playful range includes a backpack and bottle too! 😍find the full collection instore now! #smiggle #smiggleasia #smigglejunior

want to join us in Smiggle paradise? ✈️our new paradise collection features our favourite shark prints on heaps of new products! 🦈#smiggle #smiggleasia #smiggleparadise

dinosaurs or ninjas, which is your fave?! 👍🏼find the matching junior backpacks and bottles instore now! 👦🏽👧🏻#smiggle #smiggleasia

our new collection will have you feeling like you’re in a Smiggle paradise! 🌴🐠there’s new lunch boxes, pencil cases and heaps more, all waiting for you instore!💕#smiggle #smiggleasia #smiggleparadise

our new playful pencil cases are already a hit with our little fans! 👦🏻👧🏽find the matching junior backpack and bottle instore now! #smiggle #smiggleasia

smiggle is coming to empire shopping gallery! 🇲🇾🎈join us on sunday 16th of September for exclusive grand opening offers and heads of smiles & giggles! 🎁😀#smiggle #smiggleasia #smigglemalaysia

have you squishied our new series 2 squishies? 😍meet our 8 characters instore now! #smiggle #smiggleasia #smigglesquishies

want to win the entire smiggle squishies series 2?! 🏆just snap your squishy on an adventure and post on your Facebook or instagram page! 📸make sure you caption your photo, use #smigglesquishies and tag @smiggle_asia 🇸🇬🇲🇾🇭🇰#smiggle #smiggleasia

discover the slipperiest and gooiest slime ever with this kit and even better it glows in the dark! 👀includes everything you need to create your very own slime! 👍🏼#smiggle #smiggleasia #smigglegoo

smiggle TMT plaza turns 1! 🎈🇭🇰🎉join us on Saturday the 15th of September for exclusive birthday offers, free balloons & heaps more! 🎁#smiggle #smiggleasia #smigglehk

IT’S HERE! 😃✨ our 2018 advent calendar has landed in your smiggle store! ✨ YAPIEE! jam-packed with smiggle classics, it’s sure to be the best calendar yet! get ready to countdown to christmas with your smiggle faves! 😵✨ WOW! instore and online NOW!
#smiggleadvent #smiggleasia

WOOO! 😃 tomorrow we’ll be unleashing lots of smiles and giggles! 😊have you guessed what it is yet?! 🤔 join us back here to find out what we are so excited about!
#smiggle #smiggleasia

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