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How bout a manual GT3 for this #WingWednesday 🙏🏼 I think I like the GT3 wing better than the RS #wing 🤷🏻‍♂️ What u think ?

My driveway is very confusing!! Keep a Prius long enough and they will multiply!! Don’t know how this happened but found another Prius at the end of the driveway!! Anybody want it ? Loud cars and silent cars!!! 👉🏼 next pic 😂

Just a reminder peep. Don’t let any friends ever borrow your car!! It’s been 10 months and my Jeep is still sitting crashed at the body shop cause @wawanesaus is not willing to pay for the damages!! Lawyers are doing there thing!! #BadFaith #lawsuit and will crush them on Social as well!! I may only have 25k but gotta long ass reach!!! Comin for ya Wawa!! And a certain lil shit that was driving my Jeep. He gonna get it to!! DO NOT EVER GET WAWANESSA EVER!!!!! They take your money but they won’t PAY when accidents happen!!

For everybody that keeps asking me... the answer is NO, I do not have any other clothes. Only SMG shirts. That’s it. My entire closet is full of @SMG shirts #lol This is all I know!! #Cars!! oh, and #Sushi 😍 who wants to go to the best sushi spot on 🌏 @sosushi_tarzana @sosushialso 🍣

Perfect spec’d GT2RS there’s 6 of these at auction. If u ask me id say market is getting soft. Stores were askin 150 to 200k over. Going for about half a mil 🙄 What do u thinks gonna happen??? 👆🏼 or 👇🏼

I need a convertible in my driveway!! If u had to pick!! Lease a brand new SL63 or C63s cab or buy a used 2015/2016 Turbo S cab?? Which would u take?? Who wants to broker this deal for me 😝

DM me.. I’ve been approached by an organization and may possibly have something big cookin!! Could be good for the industry! The market is going to shit and this may save it and filter out all the BS fake brokers!!

Your wife says she’s gonna divorce you and she’s taking the car!!! WHAT DO U DO?? well duh 🙄 Wreck it!! Call @amirsadrieh at @ferraribeverlyhills tell him to get u another one under a diff name!!! This poor 488 never had a chance!!! #Hurts

I found a unicorn today!! 🦄 Same collector I bought my BlackSeries from. FML only 5k miles white black BMW 1M 😍 I need this right. Right!! I do right!! My excuse to myself is always “it’s a Forced Savings account” #lol I’m a salesman even to myself!!

Not enough time in the day for what I do!! Up since 4am... 5am wasn’t cuttin it!! I need 2 or 3 super assistants!! Just can’t trust anybody these days!! What happened to #loyalty ?? I get hit up 20-30 times a day email / text / DM / people askin to come work. It’s not as easy as it looks folks. It’s not just drive fancy cars and broker deals. There’s an entire finance side to this aside from bulk volume and contracts with dealerships, approvals, desking, 80 percent of the fake ass car brokers out there have no clue what a money factor is? Or MSD’s 😂😂 Things are changing and I cant wait. Don’t call me if u need a car!! Seriously. Don’t call me!!!

Who needs a 60 thousand dollar work truck. Hit me up I’ll get it to u for 45k #lol @SMG @SMG #OnlySuckersPayRetail I was sayin that before I was even in this biz!!! #New #Ram #Rebel is #pretty sickkk !!! Don’t forget who wrote the damn #playbook every other broker is riding off #lol Y’all know it’s true!! 😘😘

@ElonMusk u gotta be a little off the wall to be brilliant. People are freaking out and stock is dropping. Maybe I’m crazy also but I say it’s time to buy 💯💯 But what do I know! 🤔 I respect this guy. He took Nikolas name and turned it into a huge brand!! #Respect 👍 If u don’t know what I’m talking about look up Nikola Tesla 🤦🏻‍♂️ Wonder what’ll happen tomorrow ??

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