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So I'm sure majority of you saw what went down on my last post last night as well saw what that chick posted on her page. I have a huge problem with people body shaming and bullying one another. What pleasure does it get you to get another plus model's photo and bash her and the whole community filled with skinny, curvy, and plus women ? It's hurtful and very fucked up ! What really upset me the most is that a lot of people were defending her and this shit is still continuing with other people. There are so many suicides that have happened due to being bullied and picked on. We all handle things differently, but this is fucking unacceptable. I'm not one to brush things under the rug, I will call you out. Being dicks to one another doesn't get you anywhere. We are are from different backgrounds, races, sexual orientations, and families. Don't think for one fucking second you can get away with this. Yes, the bitch's ass got handed to her last night, and whether some of you guys agree or disagree to how things were handled, I could care less. I do thank you to the many who didn't stay quiet and spoke up, it means ALOT. So much racial hatred continues to happen and this shit happening online needs to be shut down, we all have our struggles and have worked hard to get where we want to be in our lives and continue to fight and won't stop. Yeah she got the fucking attention she wanted, but in a negative way. I don't give rats asshole about those of you who keep telling me to turn the other cheek. #kissmyass there has been way to much of turning the other cheek that have led to so much evil in the world. I DO WHAT MAKES ME HAPPY IN MY LIFE.

A little throwback with my psycho ass ❤️❤️ #vlv20

I love them very much ❤️


When @ameliasanburg turned into Tiki Tupac up in dis bitch

Saturday at @tikioasis with Twin Sis 🌶

L 💕 V E


I'm really happy inside

Looking forward to @tikioasis this weekend 💕 so many pretty pieces at @pinupgirlclothing

Such an amazing and unforgettable time with @auntytattoo ❤️ I can watch these men play over and over again 🙌🏾 and sooo great seeing @jtbulushi thank you for the badass night #Metallica

Malibu on Mondays ❤️ #vacationfromavacation

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