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stephen mcmennamy  I like to combine stuff. e: combophotos@gmail.com


truck + donuts
this is not an ad for trucks, donuts or trucknuts®. It’s just a picture... that should become a reality. #combophoto

egg + head
This is my buddy @richfsantiago (the head). Sadly this only took us two years to produce. Just two dudes that live in the same city, but seldom in the same city at the same time. Anyway, despite the suggestion of what might leak out of his melon, truth is, his head is full of organic free range magic, not yolk. And if your eyes enjoy the feeling of satisfaction, you might want to swing by his feed. Take your thumb, yes that thumb and tap to it.

broccoli 🥦 + tree 🌳
can we all just come to an agreement that broccoli looks exactly like little trees? #combophoto
Thanks to @sopexa_agency for contracting me on this one and to have a little fun.

booze + cement mixer
Just getting ready for the weekend.
#combophoto #combovideo

ornament + Georgia State Capital.
Merry Christmas, Atlanta. How ‘bout we try not be jerks to each other next year. Okay? Okay.

chess + waffle
Haven’t these two gone far too long without being paired together? No thanks to the round waffle of course. Speaking of thanks... thank you to @sopexa_agency for partnering with me to create this (and a few more) food based #combophotos.

Pringles® + silo (🔈)
If this post was sponsored by the Pringles corporation I’d probably have to say something about their big bold flavors, but it’s not, so... look at those big ass chips! #combophoto

flower + excavator
just harkening back to simpler times when humans and giant machines peacefully coexisted. And a tip of the ol’ ball cap to the excavator operator who was kind enough to grab that pine tree with total precision and effortlessly hoist it high into the air. this guy was an artist at the helm of a 75 ton metal behemoth... and unbelievably accommodating. Anyway, my camera had its way with that excavator, so I’m just giving everyone fair warning, there might be a few more heavy machinery #combophotos down the road.
maybe. #combophoto

candles + hand
Peace wish. #✌️... #🤞

fashion + art
A while back @editorialistmagazine asked me to partner with them for their fall 2017 #FashionxArt issue. I was honored to be invited to the party, but most excited about trying something a little different and playing with some new visual toys. It was a very different process for me. I received boots, shoes, handbags, jewelry, etc. and then it became a fun little game of #combophoto mix and match. Definitely an abstract approach to my already abstract way of working. I posted one of these a while back, but check out the whole series (some unpublished). Thanks for looking and @editorialistmagazine, thanks for asking. Oh and thanks to Evan the cat for being just obsessed enough with food to pose for a photo.

If you plant Moe's Famous Queso in the ground, I can't guarantee that you’ll yield a delicious bouquet of chips and queso, but I can guarantee that if you go to Moe's this Thursday (Sept. 21), your mouth will be face to face with a Free Cup of Queso. Tell your mouth I said, "you're welcome." #FREEQUESODAY #WelcomeToMoes and if you're feeling up to it, check out the "hose version" over on @combophotofail

Navigating Venice’s Grand Canal.
#AD I saved the “sweetest” World Play-Doh Day photo for last! For Venice – one of the more magical cities I’ve ever visited – I reimagined a gondolier taking a sweet-looking spin down the popular Grand Canal – aboard a Play-Doh ice cream “float.” This year’s World Play-Doh weekend has been a blast for me and my family. You can still join in the festivities by sharing your own Play-Doh sculpts using #WorldPlayDohDay! CC @PlayDoh

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