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With 1500 people at 1000 WHO CAIR. Great speakers, artists, info, and action plans. Congrats to all involved in making this happen! #1000whocair

Thursday night thoughts:

1) The beauty of a digital piano with 🎧 is you can decide to spend 45 minutes learning something new at 11pm (and that counts as a kind of meditation, right?) 2) Reminded of my days long ago saving up $70 to spend on a single score, as I browse through bunches of free YouTube videos to find something interesting to learn/play. #oldschoolvsnewschool
2.5) I might learn this one a little faster if I actually understood Spanish. 💃🏻 (the title of this video is "Tumbao de Piano en 3/2 Perfectamente Bien Explicado"...but I can't understand all of the explicación...) 3) My hands and brain are way out of shape ( = more reason to practice). 4) This rhythm will be stuck in my head for days (and I'm ok with that). #musicheals #takatakatatakataka

Grateful to @fishmpls of @coffeehousepress for sharing his experiences and insights on the reinvention of an organization (and industry?) with the "Creative Entrepreneurship and Resource Development" tonight. @laurazabel and I have been so lucky to have such great speakers talk with our students in this new-to-the-U class.

Last walk (for a while) on this grey, grey beach.

A little (cloudy) sunset + surf to end your night... 🌅 🌊

When a whale swims by your place and frolics in the surf for a bit and all the neighbors come out to watch... Not bad for a Thursday. 🐳 👀

Surf and Turf

I'm being followed by a moon shadow...
#moonshadow #nofilter

Seems appropriate to be facilitating the 2nd day of a 2-day meeting at Tupperware's HQ on #iwd2017 .
1) They've been in the business of helping women create/improve their economic agency since 1946, especially when options are/have been limited.
2) The vibe inside and outside this building is the best of any corporate HQ I've ever visited--celebration space, lots of amazing art (including a collection of Dali originals just hanging in the corridor), super-friendly people at the reception/in the hallways/in the cafeteria/in leadership, heavily subsidized food in the cafeterias, modern and colorful architecture and decor, lots of indoor/outdoor space, gorgeous flower gardens with many park benches and water features for one-on-one meetings or personal breaks/meditation, generous hospitality to us as guests, etc etc. And it may be a stretch, but I'm attributing the vibe to the positive effects of having plenty of women in leadership for a long time and a mission based on helping 3.1 million "sales associates" (99% of whom are women) around the world run businesses based on relationships and connection. It takes much more intentionality than just selling injection-molded plastic at a profit to create all this.
In a sea of hyper-masculine corporate spaces and cultures, this one stands out. I def see the company in a new light after this visit. Who knew? #iwd17

Never gets old. Love that this is part of my neighborhood.

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