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Pretty fantastic way to spend a Wednesday night. #jellyrollmorton #georgegershwin #musicheals

When you get to swing through an exhibit of Daniel Corrigan's #heyday photos on your way to a meeting. From early-80s #Prince to @brotheraliisblind--and lots of other good stuff in between. #goodday #onlyinMN #MNtalent #firstavenue #photography #livemusicphoto

Happy Birthday, @laurazabel!! We missed you tonight. Safe travels.

So lucky to have @fivemanjob and @jillybee72--improv rockstars and co-founders of @hugetheater--sharing their stories and insights with our #creativeentrepreneurship and Resource Development class tonight. So much wisdom + real talk on #collaborations and #partnerships ( + not-so-great camera work...I was too engrossed in the conversation).

Gorgeous sunset to start our class tonight!

A big thank you to Erik Takeshita of the @bushfoundation for talking institutional funding and philanthropy to our Arts and Cultural Leadership graduate students tonight! @laurazabel and I are so lucky to host so many great people and discussions.

PLEASE SEE THIS. (Yes, I'm shouting.) #iamnotyournegro

So great to have @emergencegrrl and @cancanwonderland as speakers in class last night! So many insights about finding funding and the #persistence needed to launch a business and/or a feature film project. @laurazabel and I are so grateful for everyone who's been willing to share their stories with our class. #creativeentrepreneur #highered #umn #latergram

Good surprises come in twos? Nothing like stopping for a quick coffee and running into 2 of our Giant Steps team members! 💜

Posted a comment on why Audi's ad makes great business sense since upwards of 85% of all car buying decisions are made or heavily influenced by women. Plus, smart to sense the momentum of the women's marches and increased visibility of issues women face, by standing on the right side of that moment and highlighting where your company stands in culture and practice (on what should be a very obvious/non-controversial topic of equal pay for equal work. (This is advertising+capitalism, after all.) I got a reply from a dude (stranger) explaining feminism and its history to me, where I fit in the history of feminism and what I do/don't believe about feminism, and a bunch of links "proving" there's no wage gap. And finishing with how I'm alienating younger ppl by fighting for something that's already been achieved ( = equality). Um, thanks?

Tonight was a great night to go to Best Buy to buy a new TV...

You know, one of those days where you stop by some random car wash to get the 18 layers of salt washed off your car and find this...