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#wcw on my floofy girl.

la la la self promotion la la but I had so much fun working on mr. mercedes, so I hope you loved tonight’s ep and also tune in next week! 😎

ny 😍

we did a thing!! // endless gratitude to @sarakapner, @krysta_rod, @lauraosnes, @madelinesmyers, @broadwaybelljb, @jessielinden1, @abbydephilips, @rdz1984, and @54below 🎤 // 📸: @itsmikehull (courtesy of @jjaxtweets)

well, this little girl came home today. Meet Bizet (beeZAY). I think somewhere out there, Puccini is smiling down at us. (And yes duh you can follow Bizet on insta at @bizetdoodle )

i have pretty much 0 pix from last night, but since my show is all about female relationships, shout out to these two, my sisters through and through. we hold each other up every day and last night was no different. my heart. grateful doesn’t even begin to cover it.

TFW your solo show is one 👏 week 👏 away // 📸: the incomparable @jennyandersonphoto

definitely not singing “painting my portrait” at my solo show, but I’ve been saving this clip for a rainy day and gurl 👏 it 👏 is 👏 raining 👏.

#tbt to my solo show bc IT IS COMING BACK ON AUGUST 21ST AND 28TH! so many exciting things that are gonna be announced but not announced just yetttttt :) // time after time + mama a rainbow // #ilostyearsofmylifetryingtotrimtheseclips

“keeping it at a ten” for three years and counting. HBD, doodoo!! 🎈

my heart is so full of you // #tbt and belated thank you to everyone at Lyrics and Lyricists for filling my “heart and soul”. And thank you to Frank Loesser for your immense gift of song. We are so lucky.

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