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I haven't doted on Thom via social media in a minute. This is that. It's so exciting watching his dreams unfold before him. Even if slowly, those dreams might have creases and wrinkles, but I've got a good arm and I will help iron them out. --- all the good stuff takes time and blood and sweat and tears. We still dream the same, my love, and that smile is everything. #cruisinandboozin #muddinandbuddin #ihavenogoodhashtags #thomisbrighterthanthesun #broncos #67bronco #vintagebronco

I like to think I'm a pretty humble person. I am self deprecating, and confidently insecure. If there is one thing that I have been sure of within myself, it's writing. Words have always made sense to me. I think poetically. I don't have to stretch to see the world differently. The world is one long internal rhyme, and even on its worst day, I think it is absolutely captivating. My life's goal has been to put my heart beat into words. Writing has saved my life, undoubtedly. Words were my first love and we are tied eternally.-- Holding mine and Bianca's book in my hands makes me feel invincible, and totally vulnerable. I hope to see all your pretty faces this Friday at 7:30pm @vivejuicery downtown! Come have a drink with me to celebrate this feat. I will ugly cry and hug you all, and I hate hugs! Come buy some juice and our book, and hear me fumble over my own words. (We will provide some laughs, cheap beer, cheese, and shitty tequila. Due to silly liquor laws you must RSVP here or on Facebook. 😘 #icandienow #womenwhowrite

This weekend we ran at the Canyonlands race in Moab. I like to run a mile, but anything more... no thanks. Basically these guys forced me to enter and run the 8k/5 miles. And I did it. I ran my fastest mile in a long time and beat my expected time by 6 minutes. -- I am so thankful for my friends who push me to do more than I thought possible, and for believing in me. It was an incredible experience, my knees kill, but I'd do it again. This photo was post run and post pizza and tequila, not mad. #notsofunrun #iamalive

Sexy can also be fully clothed. It can be jeans that are too tight and house slippers. It can be awkward and funny, as long as it's real, that's the good stuff. These two 😍 #coupleboudoir #utahphotographer #utahboudiorphotographer

Here's a photo of Emery pretending to be dead. My best friend and I used to do this all the time and we'd laughed for hours. But Emery doesn't know about that, and she's just as weird. I like that. #emeryjean #babyb #twinning #deadface

Remember that one time @adelletaco and I made a book? Basically all my dreams are coming true. I don't know enough words to describe how I feel. March 24th at 7:30pm, We are hosting a private book reading. There you can see me cry like a baby, eat some cheese, have a shot of tequila, and order our book/prints. You must RSVP due to state liquor laws. Shoot any of us a message to join, or if you wish to invite someone else! Did I mention it's at all of our favorite Juicery? Yup Vive downtown has opened its doors and hearts to us. ❤️❤️❤️

Evelyn sleeps with that thing every night. Thom bought it for her. She runs to hug him every time he comes over. The other night she told me she loves him. "Not like a boyfriend girlfriend love, but like a daddy love"--- it's difficult to be the outside parent coming in, making space in your heart and life for someone else's kid. It's been rough for Evelyn too. She has been able to see the kind of dad Thom is and naturally compares it to her own father situation. I think for the first time this year she's been let down a lot in that regard, with her dad and all that he might not do, that Thom does. But it only makes me that much more appreciative for Thom. They have their own bond, unlike any other, and that's really special. #imightbecrying #twina #beanieboo #thomisbrighterthanthesun

@adelletaco and I have been working on a new pretty book. My poetry makin love with her drawings. This is really exciting and I can't wait to share more with ya'll. Details on the book, the release, the reading, and the cheese. Yes cheese. Be excited. #womenwhowrite #utahphotographer #utahwriter #utahartist #wedoshit #wecoo #webleedthesame

Success is relative. For some it's glitter and gold, flashy car, a big home. For others, it's a million likes, new followers, inbox and pockets full. -- For me, it's food in the fridge, gas in my tank, dropping my happy kids off at school. It's having the energy to get ready, and not hating my reflection in the mirror. It's writing quickly, and following, always following where the words go. Tell me, what makes you feel successful? #goodday #utahboudiorphotographer #utahphotographer #sup #success #momshit

They drive me insane. Evelyn is on the verge of menstruation and emotional just like her mother. Emery has been sassy and back talking. This is only the beginning. Every year comes with new challenges. -- but they still think I'm cool. They beg me to come eat with them at school. They cuddle with me and ask me to sing them songs and tickle their faces. They are weird and funny. They are smart as hell. They are currently obsessed with Hotline Bling and belt it out. -- being a good mother isn't about making few mistakes. It's not about having perfect children. It's about learning to readapt to each new day and the challenges we face. And not strangling your kids, yeah that too. #twinning #blackandwhite #utahphotographer #twinsisters #theycool #drake

Beauty doesn't come from perfection. It comes from authenticity and vulnerability. One of my greatest strengths has been allowing myself to be vulnerable, and in turn I benefit from others doing the same. -- I think that's why Miru Photograohy and this new venture excites me so much. It isn't about looking perfect, it's actually kind of the opposite. I want to see all the things we might see as flaws but that our partners love. Sexy is lounging around on a Sunday in your granny panties, while he's in the tiedye shirt you made as a family and you yelled at the kids the whole time, but now we laugh about it while watching RC videos on YouTube all tangled up. And guess what, both of us are far from perfect, but god damn it we are good. #miruphotography #coupleboudoir #blackandwhite #intimate #utahphotographer #utahboudiorphotographer

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