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Smart Tools  Premium quality, FDA Registered IASTM tools 🛠 & BFR Cuffs 💪🏻 with high-level clinical education. 🇺🇸Made in the USA 🇺🇸

Excellent class and venue in Las Vegas this past weekend for our official Smart Cuffs Level 1 #bloodflowrestriction certification. Via @thebfrpros #bloodflowrestrictiontraining #bloodrestrictiontraining #nsca #cscs #occlusiontraining #bfrtraining #physicaltherapist #dpt #athletictrainer #nata #atc #lat ・・・
What an awesome time it was to work with host facility @elevatespc and attendees @rehabonpointe @drkylebuth @empowerfitnessperformance @shaneyappt @atcnaz
For our @thebfrpros & @smarttoolsusa #vegas #2018 level 1 #bloodflowrestriction #certification course

This experience of offering a high quality educational certification along with affordable, evidence lead, medical device cuffs was truly a pleasure.

Be sure to check for updated course offerings at and reach out if you have questions on pricing, course locations or hosting course options and perks.

@thehumanperformancemechanic @liftersclinic @bfrtraining @theprehabguys

Great Level 1 #iastm Certification with @kamiyamapt this weekend! ・・・
Great time teaching SMART Tools Level 1 Course at Athens, GA this weekend. They all tried to teach me some southern twang and i did not succeed 😂😂. Huge thanks to Piedmont Rehab for the hospitality. @smarttoolsusa #iastm #continuingeducation #physicaltherapy #manualtherapy

Day 2 of our Level 1 #iastm #iastmtools in Carson City, NV with @active_perform_chiro
Another weekend getting after teaching @smarttoolsusa Level 1 IASTM course. This company continues to push some of the best material out there including their new BFR course.

Love my job!

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#Repost @elevatespc with @get_repost
Another great course for us to enhance are skills! So many applications from sports performance, recovery and even healthcare. We are proud to stay on the cutting-edge to provide the best service possible for our clients and everyone in the Las Vegas valley.
Stay tuned for our write-up on how you can benefit from this awesome technology!
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Via @thehumanperformancemechanic ・・・
Improved muscle mass and strength have been a tried and true benefit of chronic usage of low-load blood flow restriction exercise. However, there remains considerable questions regarding optimal use of load (as a percentage of 1RM) and pressure (40-80% arterial occlusive pressure) to maximize hypertrophy and strength responses.This study investigated the degree to which load and intensity play in chronic BFR training.
Twenty-six untrained males (~27 y.o) were randomly assigned to leg extensions in two of five conditions using either leg: BFR with 20%/40% 1RM, 40%/80% arterial occlusion, or 80% 1 RM without BFR for 12 weeks (twice per week training). BFR was set using a blood pressure cuff (9.2 cm wide) and for the first two weeks 2 sets of 15 per leg were used and afterwards for the remainder 3 sets of 15 were used (except for 80% 1 RM condition where 10 reps were used) with 60 second rest intervals.
Outcome measures included muscle cross-sectional area (as assessed by MRI) and muscle strength (as assessed by 1RM).
Results show increases in muscle cross-sectional area were greater when higher loads were used (20% vs. 40% 1RM) with the same occlusive pressure, with higher loading protocols producing similar hypertrophy to high load training (80%1RM, no occlusion). Lower loading protocols (20%1RM) seems to require higher pressures (80%) for significant increases in muscle cross-sectional area compared to high intensity training (80% 1RM). Strength increases in all BFR groups were less than those observed with 80% 1RM, regardless of loading or occlusive pressures. There appears to be no additional benefit in increasing pressure when higher loads are used.
Lixandrao et al. (2015). Effects of exercise intensity and occlusion pressure after 12 weeks of resistance training with blood-flow restriction. Eur J Appl Physiol. 115(12): 2471-80.

Via @theprehabguys from our Smart Cuffs Level 1 #bloodflowrestriction certification in El Segundo, CA yesterday. Many classes available so be sure to check the schedule! #bfrtraining #bloodflowrestrictiontraining #athletictraining #dptstudent #atc #dpt #athletictrainer #sportschiropractic #physicaltherapist #nsca #cscs #occlusiontraining #bfr

Official Smart Cuffs Level 1 #bloodflowrestriction certification course in Chicago going on now! Signed up for a course yet? #bloodflowrestrictiontraining #bfrtraining #occlusiontraining @edlecara @theprehabguys @liftersclinic @thehumanperformancemechanic @bfrtraining @thebfrpros

Great day today at Ohio State Football Training Center. They are excited for the Smart Cuffs! #bloodflowrestriction #bloodflowrestrictiontraining #bfrtraining #athletictraining #atc #dpt #THEohiostate #osufootball

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