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Another fantastical Fancy Dress Disco for Beyond Blue #fddbb2018 #josieandthepussycats #beyondblue

Thanks for the fun pics @prettylittlefetish

Beach Days will always be my favourite days. Second day of spring and I end up with heat stroke and sunburnt 🤦🏻‍♀️ #pugsinlifejackets #lilypug #lordbenjaminpugginton #ilikebigtrucksandicannotlie

These people bring so much joy to my life #greazefest2018 #secondhead @mrsvicki @smart_e_pants @silvertonecadillac

I have not been this seedy for a very very very long time. Literally only lasted 2 hours at GF today...I never have been able to back it up #greazefest2018 #greazefestsaturday

I’m pretty sure it was this cup of ‘coffee’ last night that ruined me today #greazefest2018 #nosleep #saturdayhangover Thanks for the awesome pics as always @mrsvicki

So wonderfully grounding to walk and talk with a friend. Sometimes even when you don’t think you have anything to talk over a walk can clear everything up and bring you back to the here an now to remind you to enjoy and appreciate this life. #taureandreams #karawathaforest #walkingtalking #gratefulheart

Thank you Netflix thank you 🙏 loving this series #glow #womenswrestling #whowouldhavethought

Made the bed and these two didn’t budge #puglove #lordbenjaminpugginton #lilypug #puglife

These 2 sharing a pillow before @smart_e_pants starts night shift just melts my heart #lordbenjaminpugginton #puglove #bestfriendgoals

Yesterday we said goodbye to a great man, my sweet Daddy!
The day was actually wonderful. Not because he is gone from this life but because we got to acknowledge his greatness, celebrate his achievements, and be surrounded by those that were blessed to have him as part of their life.

I smiled a lot yesterday thinking how my Dad would have cringed at the arrangement of his funeral service because he was so thrifty and never liked a big fuss over anything especially himself. But it was perfect and he would have grinned from ear to ear knowing that we were at the Drumminor where he once worked when it was restaurant. He would have laughed at our stories, been touched by the musical choices and felt honoured to see his guests in the room.

The tears rise when I realise I won’t get to make new memories with my Daddy. And my heart, stomach and brain all throb in pain when I think about never being hugged by him again or seeing him dance in his kitchen. But the memories will remain and I will never live in misery for his death only with joy, love and happiness for his life.

I will miss you incomprehensibly Daddy. You will always be in my heart. Thank you for the life you gave me ❤️

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