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So here she is on her first weekend away (with us). We bought ‘NOLA’ in July...paid too much for her but she had our hearts from the get go!
We’ve spent all the months since slowly freshening her up with a lick of interior paint, pulled apart all the doors, tweaked and greased the locks, spray painted hinges and handles, gave her magnetic flyscreens, coir flooring, tic tac tiles as well as lots of little details. Our dear friend put the hard yards in and constructed a ridiculously awesome bed with storage and gas lifts, fixed the plumbing, put the water tank in, welded things on things to make things work on the outside and got us up and running on battery as well as mains power.
We jumped at the chance for a quick getaway this weekend to test out refurbished ‘Nola’. It was not long enough but gave us the perfect opportunity to figure out what needs fine tuning.
So many new memories to be made in this little van and can’t wait to take the pooches on adventures in Nola.
Thank you @lordbazzar for helping us to make this dream come true ❤️ there’s no stopping us now.
#viscountcaravan #1968ambassador #alumvan #ourviscountcalledNola #caravanadventures #kayaking #vikingkayaks #growingoutthered

Why have just a party when you can have a whole holiday away for your birthday #happy50thBaz #whocares #monaro #ricksgarage #rivershoreresort

Another fantastical Fancy Dress Disco for Beyond Blue #fddbb2018 #josieandthepussycats #beyondblue

Thanks for the fun pics @prettylittlefetish

Beach Days will always be my favourite days. Second day of spring and I end up with heat stroke and sunburnt 🤦🏻‍♀️ #pugsinlifejackets #lilypug #lordbenjaminpugginton #ilikebigtrucksandicannotlie

These people bring so much joy to my life #greazefest2018 #secondhead @mrsvicki @smart_e_pants @silvertonecadillac

I have not been this seedy for a very very very long time. Literally only lasted 2 hours at GF today...I never have been able to back it up #greazefest2018 #greazefestsaturday

I’m pretty sure it was this cup of ‘coffee’ last night that ruined me today #greazefest2018 #nosleep #saturdayhangover Thanks for the awesome pics as always @mrsvicki

So wonderfully grounding to walk and talk with a friend. Sometimes even when you don’t think you have anything to talk over a walk can clear everything up and bring you back to the here an now to remind you to enjoy and appreciate this life. #taureandreams #karawathaforest #walkingtalking #gratefulheart

Thank you Netflix thank you 🙏 loving this series #glow #womenswrestling #whowouldhavethought

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