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ѕ ❁  📷•🌸•💄•🍷•☕️•✈️•🌎•♻•🌳

fridays @ the fish bar 🐟🍴🎼#livemusic #goodgrub @harbourstreetbar

could live off of food trucks 🚃 🙌💃#crèpes @retrocrepecafe

behind the junipers @ jazz is where its at on a Wednsday night 🌿🎶🎤🍷🍇

constant cravings for a cone 🍦#summer

bed-hogging bunny 👯

quite fond of this wee fella 🦋

personal opinion... pigs are pretty too (especially this girl) 🐷 #oink

loved every second spent w/ my dad this long weekend 💜 thrifting treasures for a handful of change is what we do best! (1/2 this stuff was free!)✊💰#simplelife

ice-cream for breakfast? 🍦🍦🍦#heatwave @collingwoodicecreamco

#honeysuckle loving this heat as much as I am 🌿🌞

I work w/a butterfly whisperer ✨🦋 #monarch #butterfly

mommas chicken ceaser salad 👊💥🙅🍴#datenight

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