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Jaime  gf experience

Merry gothmas to all

Happy holidays from the holiday crew

🧸 by @alexjmcgill

These are the creative kooks behind @brodflour 🤠 go stop by for delicious bread and toasts from fresh milled flour

Bubie’s famous ambrosia salad: tinned fruit cocktail, mandarin oranges, marshmallows, sour cream, love 💕

Happiest birthday to this 85-year-old grandmotherfucker 💜

Earlier this week, Tumblr banned explicit content and have implemented the DUMBEST flagging system of all time. .
Yes this really sucks: for 17-year-old tumblr famous soft grunge me, for anyone looking to get off away from the banality/incest obsessions of pornhub or literotica, and for those who’ve long appreciated the platform’s inclusive sharing environment and sex positive content. .
But to everyone (rightfully) complaining, let’s take a second to talk about how this ban further relegates sex workers to the margins. .
Online spaces are integral to safe and profitable labour. Sex workers rely on these platforms for self-promotion, community building, client vetting, and marketing services. Sex workers were vital in the building of these platforms and now sex workers are being dehumanized, silenced, and erased on these platforms. .

Sex workers’ rights are human rights. Please check out resources like @maggiestoronto and @survivorsagainstsesta and SEX WORKERS DUH to learn how you can help in the fight for human rights and against #sesta #fosta and whorephobia.

Vegas update


@sarahlever wouldn’t let me hire a stripper #lever4ever | 📷: @hayley.arnold

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