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classic bad boy 

Do I Fit In Now ? wearing @deandri shot by @realelainek 🌸


Boys Butts plays shitty meme music

ok ok ok it is me at the white house again ... left all my ruby slipper on the front steps tho ... mr trump closed his eyes and says no he does not want to see my shoe ! ... leave it there for passerby to judge it is not mine to keep track anymore .sent him one electronic-mail explain to him: hm mister you did take my divine bloody fertility ... i sometimes want to wear the ruby slipper ... and here he takes it, v breakable 2... right on his steps ... not using it him self but not available for me either ... well he tweet and tweep and months go by ... he especially did not return it ... bla bla bla different board of director regulate shoe ownership because woman cannot keep track of own foot wear ... cannot be trumpted to make good choice when wearing shoe because we know women have mania problem ... and he is too busy grabbing pussy perhap . but regarding a uterus, well what can i saye except the fire escape is down the hall ...

@bb.toska as french toast chicklet

ten thousande fists in the# aaaiiiAAAAIIIIRRRRR

slow loris eat sweet rice from mama hand then spray venoms toward tickling tourist

hey ladies


beep ! boop ! times r tough , remember they won't always be , and pls enjoy every moment , because your pain is a gift , and u are learning , and strong , and even tho this planet is overpopulated , you deserve 2 exist beautifully on it ! 🌞

🌈ever seen such a thing ? making magic is so lovely with you ! ✨🍯 esp when we look this cute in @tealecocothebrand and @deandri amongst the poppy superbloom @pbclarkphoto captured so well 🌸 ( these r my thighs hope that is ok )

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