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🌈love forever  ! love is free⭐️

think i will float on from LA soon... where should papa put down these tangley roots next ?

i cried the entire robot show , it was the spiritual and sexual and sequin awakening i had sought from japan ,u can meditate anywhere, afterwards us mob bosses drank and smoked quite death-lovingly in their gold plated rainbow mirrored bar jk my living room while the pianist sweat out some Single Ladies by request and exotic ladies of the night showed off some of what the red light district has to offer and so overall we just had a simple subdued time v minimal ! thanks @friendlyfiredan for the recommendo and @hunter_gatherer_forager for the photo and @realelainek for putting up w ol sobbles over here

tbh i do not like modelling or posting selfies that much so hope yall cool w ol papa over here getting back 2 her meme roots ,de temps en temps

from @werewolfboners )and my past(

i made this for u 🌍have the best day ever my dudes ! we got this 🔪

@jasonebeyer animated this digital 3D version of me , ya lil papa , casual resting pose, and i am like: 😮!so flattered🐙i love his art🍓happy weekend yall, have a nice one 🍒


if it wasnt for bad luck .... i wouldnt have no luck at all !

we went to an owl cafe and then after that we went to a bunny cafe and there they also had baby sea otters so that was like the best day ever


!having a v humble and nimble time in tokyo ! feel right at homo 🙈🙉

IMPORTANT POST 🤗 @horriblenoise is one of my favourite Vancouver artists and is supporting a worthy as hell cause with his current series of charity flash sales, ( ) where 100% of profits are going to help Syrian refugee youth. Fuck ya.
The charity, called RE:CODED, is an underfunded computer programming and web-design boot camp for young people displaced by the Syrian conflict. Specifically, RE:CODED is trying to open doors to careers in tech for these young people who have lost everything and face extremely uncertain futures. This is relevant to the boyz at Horrible Noise because the web/dev dude fled the Middle East and taught himself to be a self sufficient programming wizard! Relevant 2 me, also a self taught tech nerd, cause I strongly believe this shinynew sector to be not only capable of, but perhaps perfectly positioned for, equalizing and offering control and sustainability to lesser-privileged folk globally - and that it is our responsibility as western shitheads with casual access to all this, to share the opportunity. And ALSO he tattoos and shoots all the cool kids back in van. So we are hoping YOU cool kids will do some website gandering and art shopping and shooping and booping and help these kids yo ! so easy so cool and sale officially ends TOMORROW so get in there or be square 💗 #nice

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