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Sarah Mak  mum, wife, entrepreneur, traveler & dreamer. co-founder of @TheStoryBoxes & @thefolktaleapp

Son shine.

This is my mom. A retired tiger mom turned kitty cat. She's looking at me as I snap her photo at the hospital in Benton Harbour, Michigan ten years ago. I dislocated and fractured my hand during the bike leg (bike crash) of my first half ironman then ran/limped my way to the finish line before heading to the hospital. Her eyebrows suggests she disapproves, her smile suggests she's proud.
I have challenged her fiercely every single step of the way. Many Ironmans and a few surgeries later, the journey continues through my eyebrows and smiles for my kids. Thanks Ma for the support and for teaching me resilience and hustle. You'll always be a tiger (albeit slower) in my eyes. #mommak 🐯

Sunday roast.

Morning adventures in the urban jungle.

Little citizens of the world. Playdate reunions from Phnom Penh to Parramatta. #Cambodia #Australia 💕

Incredible / "A kangaroo in Egypt, a long way from the bush, brought over with the troops as a war mascot, to keep the morale high and to remind the troops of home". @kararosenlund #anzacday #australia #home

Over 20 years of friendship in this little giggle box.

Sun day.


Q hanging out with great grandma watching her "draw pictures". #florencebroadhurst

Cave hopping negotiating thousands of winding stairs with my training pouch #thunderthighs💥😴

'pay dan sa'ow yuk jook', all round faves.

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