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Phil Smage  Thanks for all of the love and support please go to to donate. Every little bit helps

I’m stoked to see a local Wisconsin ripper and buddy @carterbiese243 making things happen on a national level! Pumped to see the final video from @meraki_cinema ! It drops tomorrow... check it out. 🤘

Smagical Daily Update 50:
Today was a huge one. We had such a big turnout of supportive, radical humans at the fundraiser today that I had no choice but to step it up and follow @pat_smage and @kody53kamm on the skinny rides after the event. Ally G picked out some raffle winners for the prizes from @evssports @wienerschnitzel @nitrocircus The Board Shop, @road2recovery and others. Thanks again to everyone who made it out and supported!

Chilling with my 🐐 Ally G between events at today’s “Phil Smage Quad Crown” MTB event. Huge thanks to everyone who made it out for it... Sarah and I are extremely grateful! @nitrocircus @dangshades

Smagical Daily Update 49:
It might not seem like therapy but filming this video completely wore me out. Good thing I didn’t have all the auction items to show because I couldn’t have lifted another thing. Haha. I am pretty pumped about standing the whole video and even more stoked about all the great stuff companies have contributed to tomorrow’s fundraiser. It still amazes me that my sponsors have stood behind me through all of this. Come on out to Alpine Valley for some fun mountain bike events... eat some @wienerschnitzel wieners, win some great stuff from @evssports, @nitrocircus , The Board shop of Lake Geneva (wakeboard and skateboard), and many more! I am super grateful for @iamspecialized for stepping up with the Fat Tire bike. Someone is going to get a rad bike for a sweet deal! It’s better than it sitting in my garage collecting dust while I recover... thanks @like_the_wheel !! Events starting at 9 and they go till about three. I’ll be hanging at the @wienerschnitzel tent signing posters and slinging dogs with my goat Ally G... so come say high and do some wheelies!
@road2recovery #SmagicalStrong T-shirt’s will be available as well!
#MyFingersHurt #NowYourBacksGonnaHurtCauseYouJustPulledLandscapeDuty

This is something I base my daily life after and it is the reason I started “Smagical Daily Updates”. Big improvements don’t always happen, even in a recovery as miraculous as mine has been. Some days, lately more often than not, it even feels like many aspects of my body are going backwards and I’m getting worse. It would be easy to sit back an wallow in pain and self pity, but this saying, and those silly daily videos, helps to motivate me to find a positive in a day that may have been filled with nothing but pain. Then use that motivation to improve, even if it’s just the smallest amount. Seeing how my videos and struggles have helped out some of you just helps motivate me more. Not everyone has that public response available to them but everyone has the ability to control their thought process and to improve their situation even if it’s just the smallest bit... so think of this at least once a day and message me next year telling me how awesome you have become. 👍. Thanks for the inspiration @stevecaballero ... you’re the man.

Smagical Daily Update 48: Today was the first goat walk I’ve been able to do in a week. A combination of therapy this morning combined with the @rocket47s @evssports kidney belt helped me walk the best I have since the crash. My legs and feet are pretty numb from therapy today but my smile is all time after sharing some blueberries with Ally G and a walk with the bday dog Hank. Thanks to pops-in-law @terrythewrench for the wheelchair spotting and help!
@road2recovery @dangshades #SmagicalStrong #linkinbio #kidneyBeltsAreForMoreThanJustMoto @evssports

What’s up doggggg? @dangshades @nitrocircus 🐕 Happy Birthday Hank the Tank !

Smagical Daily Update 47: what started as a rough day of dizziness, pain, and soreness (stopping the pain meds early)... ended in an awesome way with @terrythewrench and @lauraleewhitmore doubling the goat pen size! They even brought me down there to hold a post so I can feel like I helped. The goats are stoked that’s for sure. You two are awesome!
@road2recovery @dangshades #smagicalstrong #linkinbio #MyInlawsRule

Smagical Daily Update 46: Trying to make up for lost therapy yesterday by double timing it tonight...🤔 Actually I’m just stoked that @mxvsatv is sending us a copy of the new game. My gal @swhitmore89 is a playable character in it and my therapist literally said video games would be a good way to bring my right hand back to life. That’s one way to justify a new gaming system. 😂😂 Either way I did somehow manage to step up my “huge” step count to 223. New record. 🤨 haha. I also just wanted to thank everyone for all the helpful comments on my post about muscle spasms. You all rule! @road2recovery #smagicalstrong #linkinbio

This is a moment I will forever cherish. All my life it was a goal/dream (same thing) to be in a @nitrocircus movie. #ActionFiguresTheMovie #2 made that dream a reality. Yes, I was seriously injured filming for it and both myself and TP have gotten a lot of flack for it from the “haters”. They say how foolish I was for attempting the jump and no “fame” is worth the injury or how the crew measured calculations wrong (not the case). At the end of the day, none of this matters. I was chasing my dreams the best way I knew how and the facts are I could have very well broken my neck in a car crash on the way to the gas station and been in the same (or worse) situation.
To me, this photo reminds me that no matter how I end up coming out of this injury and how much I do or don’t get back from it, it was all worth it. To be standing (ok TP is actually holding me up...but at least it looks like I’m standing haha) next to someone who has inspired my riding nearly my entire life, on the red carpet of the movie premier of my new favorite movie... can’t top that!! So to @travispastrana and the @nitrocircus crew, thank you for welcoming me and my weird riding into the family.
To the supporters of the film, my riding, and my recovery, thank you for the constant motivation and support.
To the haters, thank you for a different kind of motivation. Now here’s some for you... spend less time on here tearing into other people’s dreams and spend that time finding out what your dreams are and chase them.
And finally, to my family, I’m sorry for all the pain I caused you all, but I hope hearing that my pain was/is all worth it helps a bit!

Smagical Daily Update 45: Unfortunately today’s action was limited due to really bad muscle spasms and extreme fatigue. Every time I tried to do anything, even sitting up, I got light headed and dizzy... followed by a full body muscle spasm. I did get a Fitbit though thanks to Bob Swatek and I even tricked it into thinking I did 200 steps today. (Didn’t get anywhere near that many). 😂😂 But at least I have a base to start at and build off of. The good news is we have some Smagical goat stickers in the works so stay tuned on that! Have a good night everyone! 🐐💨 @road2recovery #smagicalstrong #linkinbio #iHopeFitBitsMakeYouFitCauseIFeelLikeSh*t

I’m not gonna claim that the @gary_the_smagical_goat sticker was responsible for @travispastrana nailing all 3 of his #EvelLive jumps... but it is a fact that he didn’t crash a single jump while he had the sticker on... 🤔 🐐💨💨💨 #video by @rolandsands

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