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I really need to get better at taking outfit shots that actually fit in the Instagram frame. Damn this hair of mine. This is my favourite road trip outfit and I wrote about it on the blog today - how to dress for a road trip without arriving looking like a total slob. I'm real shoe-swapper. That's my bag. Wearing @ilovemelko and shoes from @trippen.official shoes I bought in Germany. I'm also loving how tanned I look this photo. Normally I look like a vanilla flavoured ghost so this is quite fortuitous accident. I should stand in front of copper coloured walls more often.

I love @dinosaurdesigns. I have a collection of their bangles I've had for years and I swear, they go with everything and they never go out of style. I've had the cream bangle since I worked in a jewellery store 12 years ago. Do you have any jewellery you still wear regularly that you've had for ages?

Carrying my shoes home. I love wearing heels but because I walk everywhere living in Melbourne, I pack flats to walk back home. I'm not too shabby though with lasting in high heels. I always pack those gel ball of your foot things but the trick is, you put them in your shoes AFTER you've been wearing them for ages and they give your feet a second life. Sneaky hey? I also wear my high heels around the house with socks to wear them in.

How lush does this dessert look? It's my vanilla poached pears recipe and it's up today. I freaking love poached pears. With double cream for dessert and yogurt and muesli for breakfast - get in my belly!!!

Hello lover...

Just finished this guy off and I'm a bit sad. I spent at least or an hour two with him every night for last few months. Some crocheters don't like big projects but I love them. They're so comforting and repetitive... I always feel like a friend is moving away overseas when I finish a blanket. Especially if it's a gift. ❤️

I can never resist snapping pics of Smaggle coloured cafes - look at those bags of coffee! :-)

I can JUST fit in the frame today. This is yesterday's #ootd - wearing @mujiaus dress and @toms wedge shoes. These are actually a discontinued style so I'm scouring the internet for leftover pairs. They're so comfortable. I don't even care what colours I get I just want any of them! This outfit was worn for a day of work - writing, podcasting, post office visits. I then binged the latest season of Girls which was actually really awesome and then had the sleep of the century last night. It was a good day. ❤️

I worked from a cafe this afternoon and this perfect pale yellow rose was in a bud vase on the table. I love little things like that - They just totally make my day. Also feeling super weird with red nails - I've been wearing my Smaggle coloured turquoise all year but my bottle smashed on the weekend so I had to do red nails this week until I have time to buy more. I do love red nails though - they feel very 20s to me like I should be smoking and drinking whiskey in a speak easy in Manhattan.

Chopping myself off at the knees today because I just can't quite get an Insta-propriate pic on my camera - you'll have to visit the blog for the full shot today. Sorry! Wearing @stylingyou shop dress maybe from @bohemiantraders? @toms shoes and @religionclothing cardigan. Oh and new hair! It's short and my fringe is being blended into the length. I asked on FB last week if I should ditch the fringe and it was a unanimous yes and I because I give zero shits about my hair, I decided to let the crowd decide. Yay for outsourcing! Have a beautiful weekend please. xxx

Off to get my hair cut... good bye fringe! 😀

Instagram: Quick breakfast wrap idea - Fry an egg for two minutes on each side, then fry ham in the same pan until it’s slightly brown. Remove the egg and ham and place on a paper towel. Gently wilt some spinach and spread fruit chutney on a Helga’s Wholemeal Lower Carb or Traditional White wrap, add spinach, ham and egg. Fold up and enjoy! Here's my wee little gallery of wrap ideas - what's your favourite wrap to have for lunch? Haloumi? It's haloumi isn't it? #everyoneloveshaloumi #sp

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