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Better get cracking designing some winter crochet jumpers before the cool weather disappears. What do you think of this back line?

Tips for wearing skinny jeans when you're not exactly skinny - done wear black shoes. Dark shoes just weigh my whole look down. I also survived the 90s when we all thought it was super stylish to wear chunky black shoes with jeans ALL THE TIME so now I can’t wear black shoes with jeans ever again for the rest of my life. Same with maroon knit jumpers, which is a shame because they’re everywhere this year and maroon is a great colour but if you’re an Aussie catholic school kid, maroon knit jumpers will be ruined for you for life.

Side note – I was walking around Fitzroy the other day and I took my jumper off and tied it around my waist and quickly snuck a peak for Ms Karapanagos, my year 9 co-ordinator who I swear could smell a jumper tied around a waist and would promptly dart out from behind a door and give you detention. I always feel guilty for tying my jumper around my waist. As an adult though, I can’t see a logical reason why we weren’t allowed to do this. It didn’t damage the jumpers in any way. Have you ever worn a catholic school uniform jumper? Those things could survive a nuclear bomb. Was it just that they decided it didn’t look good? I strongly debate that because we didn’t look good anyway and a jumper tied around our waists wasn’t going to change that. Isn’t it funny when you grow up and think about adult enforced rules and you have a light bulb moment and you’re like ‘YES! That rule WAS bullshit! I wasn’t imagining it’. Wearing @witcheryfashion jeans @eccoshoes boots @alistairtrung wool wrap.

I finally did it. I bought my first pair of @birkenstockau. I've kind of always wanted some but they never looked quite right on me until I found the Amsterdams. They are straight up perfection. So comfortable and they have that perfect simplistic minimalism that makes me look like a wealthy retired Japanese fiber artist living in a loft in New York. Exactly the look I was going for.

Tips for getting dressed when it’s bloody cold…

Actually dress for the weather
If BOM says it’s going to be 7 degrees today, that’s probably what it’s going to be which means you’re going to need a jacket. Winters in Australia are pretty mild, even in Canberra where it often gets below zero but because it’s not minus 25 degrees, no one seems to take it seriously. Dress warmly and don’t leave the house without a jacket. Sheesh.

Cover your ankles

My ballet flats are dead to me in winter. I go full leather boots every day when the temperature drops. It’s just far too uncomfortable having my delicate little ankles exposed to the elements. Also I turn into a right royal bitch if my toes are cold. Get those feet in boots people.

Get yourself some merino
Full disclosure – most women’s merino clothing is super daggy but if you pick and choose what’s on offer at your local adventure store, you can buy some pretty great basics that will keep you toasty all winter long. I’m in love with my merino leggings. I originally bought them for camping but they’ve started to feature more and more in my every day outfits because they’re so damn comfortable. Wearing @countryroad dress @missselfridge leather jacket @eccoshoes @crochetcoach made bag and my @bose headphones which are the greatest inventions on earth.

I get a little bit jack of advice that tells people to take time out for themselves and take care of themselves. The advice is great but sometimes that’s genuinely not an option for some people. What then? I’ve been travelling with work a lot this year and every day I’m plugging away on a different project, I literally don’t have time to stop and when I see articles that say ‘Call in sick to work and get a massage!‘ I’m like ‘I run a business doofus. I can’t call in sick!’. Also most of the people I know don’t have time to call in sick just to recharge. What magical jobs are these that allow that and how do I get one? So I have to come up with alternative plan when I’m run a bit ragged.

1. Stop talking
2. Watch stuff you've already watched before
3. Each your lunch somewhere else
4. Wear comfy clothes
5. Go to bed super early

More in Smags today...

I can never not click on those buzzfeed style articles that show abandoned theme parks with chains on the gates and closed down malls with fish swimming around in the flooded basements. That's what I love the most about Mr Smags. He finds cool places like this for us to visit. This place is about an hour and a half outside of Ubud in Indonesia and it's a 100 million dollar abandoned resort. It's called the ghost resort by the locals and it was built 20 years ago and it never opened. There's a massive empty ballroom, empty dining area, empty bar, hundreds of empty rooms. There's a guy called John who sits out the front and if you pay him $1 he lifts up the rope and lets you go inside for a look. It feels like being in Spirited Away. We must have spent hours in the there. Creepy but so magical.

I bought this dress on a whim a few months ago from @mujiaus without trying it on (super unusual for me) and it’s been a total winner. I have a long sleeved version of it that has been washed and worn to comfort perfection and I can’t wait until this guy is properly worn in. This is one of my favourite outfits ever because I look semi-put together when I’m basically wearing a pillow case with sleeves. Bonza. Hot tip – @mujiaus 100% cotton t-shirt dresses last FOREVER. My long sleeved one I bought in New York in 2011 and I still wear it several times a week. I'm also wearing @merrelloutside flats I've had for about 2 years and I'm devastated they don't make them anymore. Merrell - if you're listening - please bring back the Mimix! I'll buy ten pairs. Promise. And so will all of my mates who I got totally addicted to them. Thank you!

I’ve experimented with lots of different ways of eating but generally speaking, I’ve been a carb-avoider for about 15 years. I’m not totally carb free but I avoid white, fast burning carbs like bread, pasta and rice. I love my slow burning carbs like oats and quinoa, I just get more bang for my buck out of them. It’s not just a weight loss thing, it’s an energy thing. If I eat a big carb-loaded lunch, I’ll be sleepy AF all afternoon. If I eat good fats, veg and small portion of protein I’m sprinting through my afternoon. It just makes me feel less sluggish. These are my top fave carb replacements. 1. Cauliflower
2. Protein Bread from @proteinbreadco
3. Zoodles
4. Lettuce
5. Eggs
More on the blog today...

I never thought I'd be able to travel without a giant suitcase full of crap. I've always been the type of person who likes options. Now? Im the type of person who likes to not drag 20 dresses I'll never wear in an overflowing suitcase through an endless parade of international airports. I travelled for 2 months with just 13 items in my suitcase and I've just been in Indonesia for 3 weeks with 7 items... including shoes! This outfit is item #4 + #7 from my 13 piece travel capsule wardrobe. Dress from @marimekkoaustralia and shoes from @tomsaustralia.

If my life were a movie quote, today it would be 'The sea monkeys have my money... yes I'm a natural blue...' - I went full Dory today and LOST MY MIND at the monkey forrest in Ubud. You can tell by my face, I've lost the plot. On the way in, we sat on the steps counting out our money and a monkey sneaked up and stole my coffee. I wasn't even annoyed because it was so cute. The mum monkeys are all walking around with their babies clinging to their tummies and it's so cute I nearly cracked my teeth from clenching them so hard. @hamey and I have a bit of a thing for monkeys so it was a pretty magical day. Double tap if you can spot the teeny baby monkey near my head. Squee!!!

This little face! We went to visit a mother's group in Sigi and the locals always wander over to say hello. Except this little cutie - he kept peeking through the window and giggling. Then he'd hide and pop back up again. Instead of 'peek a boo!' you say 'Chiluk ba!' - every time I said it his little cherub face would appear. Squish!

The locals here love having their photo taken with us (almost as much as we love having our photo taken with them!) and today at the health centre in Palu these women kept handing me their babies so they could take photos of them with us. This champion is called Tiara and she couldn't care less about having her photo taken with me. Her mum was telling her to smile and Tiara is like 'Whatever. I'll do what I want!'. She's so invited to my pool party.

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