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When I was a kid I was a master at sneaking chocolates out of the box without anyone knowing. The trick? Grab one from the back, slide the tray back in and then act dumb when everyone discovers one missing when they’re finishing off the box. ‘Must have been a mistake at the factory!’ - Mwah ha ha! The cheeky chaps at @goodmeasureco sent me these. I rarely accept gifted prods and I don’t eat sugar often but these were too gorgeous to turn down plus they used my actual name in their email. What can I say? I’m an easy sell. If you’re after a stylish gift for someone, check them out. Gluten free too! 🤗

Jogger pants have become a whole thing recently, to point where I can’t ignore them. To the point where I actually purchased some and I wear them regularly because they’re SO COMFORTABLE.

I struggle with calling them jogger pants through. I’m Australian. They’re trakkies. Or trakky-daks. To me ‘joggers’ are running shoes. Honestly, I think we need to start a world wide glossary of fashion terms and just decide what we’re going to call certain things and stick to it. Although I do think it’s odd that Australians call track suits, track suits. ‘Track’ is a very American thing. They run ‘track’, they train for ‘track’. We don’t ‘track’ in Australia really. We have track and field events but track isn’t a thing on its own really. Language is hard. Don’t get me started. Jogger pants from @sussanclothing top from @targetaus shoes from @tomsaustralia


Today was a bit of a rough day. Certainly not terrible but I received a disappointing reply to something I wrote. It was very civil, no punches were pulled and I was 100% supported by my Smagglets but it made my heart very heavy with with how much work there is left to do in this world to ensure it's a safe, inclusive and equal place for us all. Its tiring but I won't stop saying this stuff because it's damn important. Onward and upward... I took my pasty white pins out for a quick spin this arvo and blinded all the business people having lunch on Smith Street. It's just the kind of vampire I am. Wearing @mujiaus dress @woolandthegang and @soludos_shoes crochet shoes. I love when the weather warms up and I only have to list 2 items in my #everydaystyle post.

I only just recently discovered the joys of the jumper/sweater dress. Actually before I continue I need to clarify that I use the word ‘jumper’ like American’s use the word ‘sweater’. A jumper in America is overalls but as a dress. In Australia a jumper is like a sweater. Usually made out of sweat shirt style material and worn as a school uniform or to the gym. I would usually say jumper dress but I’m saying sweater dress because Google is making me. A jumper dress is a whole different thing when you Google it and it seems that by popular demand, it is indeed called a sweater dress. So sweater dress it is. Sorry Australia, but you lose the language war on this one.

And speaking of sweater dresses, I’m straight up addicted to them. I haven’t owned one in a while but last year I stopped by Nique at the end of one of their sales and picked up the sweater dress of my dreams for $90. It’s 100% cotton and dark blue and perfectly baggy. It hasn’t made it on to the blog because it promptly became my favourite comfy at home dress and now I feel weird wearing it as a regular dress. It was money well spent though, I literally wear it every night. With men’s long johns in winter and just on it’s own when it gets a bit warmer.

Since I unwittingly wasted an amazing dress on a house outfit (don’t you hate that?), I’ve been on the search for a sweater dress I can wear in public ever since. I had a rare morning last week where I didn’t have anything particularly pressing happening, so on the way back from the gym I stopped buy Fitzroy Emporium to have a look at their stuff. It’s a tiny little store on Smith Street in Fitzroy that sells a mix of vintage and indie designer clothes. I tried this on and bought it immediately. I was a touch worried about the colour. I thought it was a little more mushroomy than I’d like but I’ve received lovely compliments every time I’ve worn it so that’s good enough for me! Plus it gives me serious booty. As someone who suffers from flat butt syndrome, the combination of this dress plus an eight week fitness challenge at my gym has done wonders for my usually pancakey derrière. 🙊

I’m constantly searching for the perfect travel clothes. I’m not the type to wear yoga pants outside of the gym but I want to feel like I’m wearing yoga pants while still looking semi-presentable and that’s a pretty tough balance to strike sometimes. I also like to do acrobatics in my seat on the plane so I need to allow for a lot of movement.
I do so admire women who dress up for the airport. Every time I see a paparazzi photo of Posh Beckham teetering around Heathrow on her giant heels in her teeny tiny jeans, I think she’s pretty freaking ace. I love a good high heel but I’m far too lazy and easily irritated to wear high heels on a plane. Plus I like to get everywhere super quickly – off the plane, to the front of the taxi cue, to the toilet – and high heels just slow me down. Not into it at all. Here’s my typical plane outfit. I like to wear a roomy dress and pack layers like a light jacket and shawl or scarf.

Happy 10 year blog birthday to me! In September 2007 I hit publish on my first ever blog post. A truly boring article about Zara coming to Australia. If I could go back in time and change that, I totally would but it is what it is. Oh well. At least every post I've ever written since then has been better than my first post. Tell me... how did you find Smaggle? Do you even read it? Or do you just hang out here on Instagram?

This Sydney trip has given me itchy feet to set sail again for a month or two. Melbourne has been so cold and grey this winter, I lapped up that spring Sydney sun. Home to Melbourne where I'm going to sit on the couch tonight with my love. Where's home for you? And where do you most want to go to next?

Sometimes Tuesdays just feel like Mondays. Writing down some fun goals for the rest of the year. 1. Get 8 hours sleep every night (no excuses). 2. Read 1 fiction book per month. 3. Watch 1 movie or TV show per week without doing something else at the same time 4. Text or call a friend once a week to say hi (stop relying on Facebook for communication). Do you have any fun goals for the rest of the year? Do share!

Even though boho style isn’t entirely my bag, I bloody love a crochet dress. Always have. I spent most of my early 20s dressing like an Alannah Hill store threw up on me and while that’s not my style anymore, my severe crochet habit is causing a rather swift turn around in my sartorial expression. I made this dress in March this year and it’s been getting quite the workout, despite the fact that it’s no where near warm enough to wear it yet. I’ve combatted that by layering under it like a mofo. No one needs to see my nips popping out of my dress, amiright? It’s going to be AMAZING in summer though. It’s made of 100% cotton and it’s basically mesh so it’s super cool and breathable for warm days. Wearing dress made by me, @eccoshoes boots and @randolph.usa sunnies.

I have often walked down this street before, but the pavement always stayed beneath my feet before. Does enchantment pour... out of every door? No, it's just on the street where you live.

I have a teeny tiny boho streak in me but it leans much more towards 1920s film star style. I’m more likely to wear lace than fringe for example and I love a bold lip. I try to mix it up every now and then but sometimes I just need to concede defeat and deal with the fact that I’m just not meant to wear these things…

1. Jeans with rips in them
It’s just not my thing. I feel untidy and unkempt. I don’t think other people look untidy or unkempt but I just hear grandmas clucking disapprovingly in my head every time I wear them. I have worn them in the past but it’s unlikely I will wear them in the future.

2. Floaty boho style tops
The tiny part of me that is boho inclined, will wander into Tigerlily and try on their floaty tops with bells and dangles on them and it just doesn’t work for me. If I’m going to wear a print, it needs to be large scale and bold. Tiny floral prints just make me feel like a couch. Or curtains.

3. Shapeless sack coats
I’m a sucker for a shapeless sack dress in winter but shapeless sack coats make me look the size of a truck. I’m already build like a footballer, I don’t need to be walking around wearing an almost literal box as a coat. I’m a Melbourne lass and in my trendy suburb women don’t tend to accentuate their waists very much so all the winter coats were the same chunky style this year. I stuck to my wool trench coat. I need my waist, so I’m keeping it. Today I'm wearing @cosstores dress, @thefryecompany boots, @bigwaustralia tights, leather jacket if my dreams from @vinniesvictoria

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