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Kat 🦋  {svp} •cred if repost please•

Finally met my best friend after a year and a half ❤️ the yoda to my wuke ❤️

Comic Luke is my second weakness after Prince Luke 😩
song: lost in japan - shawn mendes

they’re literally twins, don’t boo me bc I’m rIGHT
dt: @lukecrywalker_ @galaxygamora
ac: kuteaudios

If you know where the audio is from I already love you ffff
dt: @galaxygamora @lukecrywalker_ 🦋

Luke: deserves better;
my edits have been so simple lately lol

The Fall of Anakin 🔥 -
song: fire meets fate - ruelle

I only think about Luke so... UWU

Petition for more battlefront luke bc he is PERFECTION and literally sums up all of Luke’s character development -
song: yours - alina baraz (i love her music if you couldn’t already tell)

Luke’s Compassion 💕
I had to reupload and pitch the audio. Hopefully it won’t get blocked again

Can someone actually teach me how to use velocity though. This was a practice and it’s so ugly 😩
song: collide - rachel platten

Star Wars is all about family and love. I’m so glad I watched these movies, they changed my life for the better. Happy Star Wars Day everyone! #maythe4thbewithyou ❤️
song: end credits - eden

song: m3&u - mazzi
I’ll get back to editing Luke soon dw

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