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Scott Jaeckel  Don't just walk the path, create it. "Discipline is a vehicle for joy"_ "Life itself is your teacher, you are in a state of constant learning"_


Going to recommend everyone watch this documentary. A subject that is close to my heart and am recently obsessed with. In the end the only thing we actually possess is our body’s, and only for a short time. Take care of it. #themotivationfactor #documentary #movie #fitness #health #motivation #physicaleducation #school #youth #kids #future #exercise #healthcare #mindbodyspirit #lasierrahighschool #prescottmiddleschool #education #live #life

My awesome daughter visited #ucberkeley today. So jealous. Future #goldenbear right there.

My stagehand and electrician brothers and sisters know about this. 😉

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DISCIPLINE EQUALS FREEDOM: FIELD MANUAL comes out Tuesday, October 17th. It is available wherever books are sold. If you want to GET AFTER IT, then GET AFTER IT.

@thetruthbarrel always surprises me with great guests. Going to start this audiobook, because I’m addicted to knowledge and, ok, a little obsessed.

I will never forget sitting in paramedic school. Learning about how the body first burns glucose for fuel, then carbohydrates, then will begin using fat for fuel. I then said to the instructor, so why then don’t people just cut all carbs to lose weight. He said that’s Atkins diet, he had a heart attack, it’s dangerous. Confused, I accepted his answer. Little did I know I would return to this subject. I’m not going to try and explain ketosis as @marksissonprimal @bradkearns1 do a better job. Not sure if I’m in ketosis but, I’m low carb, and eating good food. I feel great, steady energy, can still exercise and sleep like a babe. Give this subject and book a look. 💪🏼 #ketosis #keto #health #food #carbohydrates #eat #fitness #livelongandprosper🖖🏻 #ketogenic

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Death hovers in the mind like an anticipated Grand Finale
In the fireworks display of our life.
We know it's coming.
We know it is the end of our bodily existence.
We know there is a light show.

Skull and skeleton are emblematic and ubiquitos
As symbolic reminders of our future.
Every dead person we see is us -- soon enough.
The meditators in the charnel grounds
Watched rotting corpses
To embed the smelly lesson of impermanence in the mind.

Like a ticking clock "the skull grins in at the banquet"
And we see what we wish we had done.
Study death and celebrate your life
While you still host the holy ghost
that haunts your bones. . . .
-Meditations on Mortality, poem by, Alex Grey

Featured Art: Dying, painting by, @alexgreycosm
Animation discovered online. Artist unknown.

Marinate on this for awhile.

Great quote from the late, great Jack Lalanne.

First day of Jui jitzu in the books. I’m hooked! Anyone interested in a dojo that’s mellow and full of great teachers, with no “bro” attitudes. Look no further Bushido Kai Karate-Do in clovis. #fresno #clovis #juijitsu #martialarts #shodokan (picture googled)

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