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KIRILL WAS HERE  I throw parties and annoy people for a living. Laugh at everything or laugh at nothing. Add me on 👻: UGLYRUSSIANJEW


I have nothing but respect and admiration for the woman I tumbled out of in Russia. #DMsToKirill

@pizzaslime just sent me this video of @justinbieber singing DESPACITO at a club and I have never loved someone not giving a fuck more than I do Justin today.

This meme is relatable because I have a small penis so I deflect my physical short comings by belittling women into thinking that they have large vaginas.

"If you want to see sunshine, you have to weather the storm." - Jared Fogle (my partner-in-crime here is @dillonfrancis who half way through gave up to laugh at the absurdity of the night) (video by @kberg210)

If you don't know who this man is, then you had a very sad childhood! #RUFIOH @dantebasco

I'm glad I'm out here inspiring the youth... schools, parents & the government have been brain washing us our entire lives... so maybe fucked up idiots like myself who contribute nothing to society besides make fun of it can be good role models!

Question of the day...

This was actually said by a man in 2017 that is in Congress. How the fuck did our country get handed over to such retards? If you're gonna use the Bible as a reference to govern our country, you should be killed. If a book that mentions talking snakes sounds like facts to you, grab a fidget spinner cause you're autistic.

One day I'm gonna be somebody's dad and this will become problematic when trying to discipline my future children... "You can't go to that party there's going to be underage drinking!" "Dad, you used to pour champagne into buttholes!" "Touché! Can I come actually?" (video by @kberg210)


Did you truly really love someone unless you wanna see them dead???

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