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KIRILL WAS HERE  I love to travel & laugh. Fitness model.


This is the greatest video I have ever seen. @chrissyteigen when @johnlegend wrote this song for you, did you ever imagine it could get even better?

Enjoy the game @richerdk! But seriously, stop being such a moron. Hey @mattymarts17 maybe you can put these idiots on the ice and hit them into the boards for fun?! #DMsToKirill

My liver is so black that cops routinely try to shoot it. #WeSurvivedKevinsBirthdayWeekend

Happy birthday to my favorite human on this planet: @sennaone!!! We met nearly 10 years ago and built this fucking shit show of a brand to make us a lot of money, but instead all we've succeeded in doing is convincing fat girls to fuck us. You're the reason I haven't killed myself yet! I love you more than you will ever know for always being there no matter how stupid, annoying, scared or a crying faggot that I really am.

This is what happens when people literally suck their own dicks because they think that having a few followers on Instagram makes you somehow better than someone else. Fuck this kid @thechristianburns! You claim to be famous, good looking and rich... people who are all three NEVER have to remind people... we just know. As they say "THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND DOESN'T NEED TO TELL ANYONE SHE'S THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND." Look, I understand that I sound like a turd because I have a ton of followers, but the difference is, what happens on Instagram, stays on Instagram. I don't throw my weight around screaming "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!" Because chances are, they don't. This is all make believe and fun and yeah you can make some decent money because of Instagram, but in the end it's all bullshit. I'm here to make fun of everything, everyone, including myself... catch me in real life berating another human because I'm more popular on social media, then punch me in the face. I deserve it. I hope this kid falls face first into a puddle of acid and has to walk around an ugly peasant for the rest of his life... or maybe his tainted ego won't allow a life where he's not beautiful and he'll just eradicate himself from our gene pool.

I hate so many of you.


Fat girls in leggings and kids with cancer are the reason I think god doesn't really give a fuck about humanity.

three wholesome humans out on the town

Never go full retard.

I mean it DOES make sense... name one time you heard of Jesus fucking bitches??? He always hung out with dudes!!! He didn't turn water into sluts, he turned water into wine so he could get all his boys drunk and finger their buttholes. If you saw Jesus walking down the street shirtless with his sexy abs out in just a loin cloth, you wouldn't be like "that dude gets so much pussy!" you'd be like "that's one gorgeous gay dude!" Don't even try to argue this with me, because you can't prove he wasn't gay.


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