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i’m scared of college thank u

halloween would be more fun if it was treated like an actual holiday where people have no school/work the day of and the next day

head, shoulders, bees, and toes.

have u ever experienced a shitposting child?

i just casually post on here as if i haven’t neglected this acc for years #oop

i need 2 read the drivers guide book so i can take the drivers test so i can get my permit so i can get my license so i can drive myself to college
i’m stressed

i’m so bad at keeping this acc alive hhhhhhh

hey, guess what,,,,,,

chicken bootay

i can’t believe i’m almost done w high school 😩😩👏🏼👏🏼

I feel like a,

I can’t stand the replies “someone put it into words” because ?????? It’s been said so many times ???? Frick off ???????

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