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G.M-S  🌼Trashy Art! 🌈 🌼Trades - Not at the moment 🌼Commissions - Updating prices (GBP) Thanks for over 5.6k! 🐌

Auction! 🏝 Beach Ferret -
• Starting Bid: $10
• Minimum increase: $2
• Autobuy: TBD
Please reply to the last bidder! If it goes over $40 I will include a headshot. Also don’t comment if you plan on backing out.. thanks!
Tags: #designauction #auction #adoptable

Hyena 🌈 I enjoy sketches so much more than proper lineart, they feel less stiff than my usual drawings. Though I do need to work on anatomy, practically all of my drawings are from the side

Sketched vs finished (swipe for sketches)

Happy birthday @blake.rosey! 💖Thanks for being such a big inspiration to me and thousands of others! Here’s a little gift, I hope you like it!

Finished YCH for @haialyne 💖 thanks for commissioning again, I love drawing your character!

YCH! Fully coloured, lined shaded and I can add hair/accessories. Money offers only please, minimum of $5. They can be auto-bought for $15 each.
1- Auto bought
2- Auto bought
3- Auto bought

Just realised I never actually posted this, but it was for an English project based off the poem Medusa by Carol Ann Duffy

Finished commission for @imadingusart ❤️ I’m so happy you like it! I had a lot of fun shading it and don’t often get to work with angry/threatening expressions

DTA! Rules -
• No private entries
• Don’t trace another person’s entry
• You can alter the design, also your entry can be anything, digital-traditional headshot-fullbody.
• Must be tagged to #slushdta3 so that I can see it, tagging me is optional. They will be judged based on detail/effort, multiple entries (up to 3) are allowed! This ends on the 7th of June.
Thanks for reading! 💖


Sorry for not posting! Here’s some owed art for @kyuiku 💖

Commission for @batlies 💖

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