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G.M-S  🌼Trashy Art! 🌈 🌼Trades - Not at the moment 🌼Commissions - Updating prices (GBP) Thanks for over 5.8k! 🐌

Why do all of my drawings face right? Maybe it’s got something to do with being left handed. Anyway, I’m pretty happy with this one! Especially the shading. 💖

Finally got my iPad back :D I can work on trades now

Finally finished this ✨ an actual re-design that I am relatively happy with. I’ve got to start drawing on larger canvases more often

Work in progress for @//skullkiinq 💖

Would anyone like to do one of these? It was really fun last time! I need 2 people, we don’t have to be mutuals 💖

Gift for @blake.rosey 💖 your characters are so adorable!

✨sketch✨ character belongs to wqlf on artfight

Looks like ArtFight is working! What teams are you all on (if you’re taking part)? I was put on Coffee ☕️ I’m open to attacks & friendly fire

Seeing as ArtFight is having technical problems, I’ve got some free time to draw! If you would like a doodle of your character please tag a clear reference to #slushkrequest I’m most likely to pick unusual designs

Art trade with @kazuoshiki 💖 I hope you like it & thanks for trading!

Congratulations to @cmrojascrochet for winning the DTA! 💖 I really love all of your entries, I feel like they definitely brought the character to life! They’re very bright and lovely :D I especially like that you included a bio! Please dm me when possible and I’ll email you their file. I’d also like to mention all of the other amazing artists that tagged their entries to #slushdta3 !! Thanks so much to @montyshep, @pupspace, @skullkiinq, @viledog, @mista.foxa and @ash._.trash_ I appreciate all of your beautiful drawings, I’m sorry that I couldn’t let everyone win! (I literally would have done that, but that’s kinda besides the point of a contest) 💖

Auction! 🏝 Beach Ferret -
• Starting Bid: $10
• Minimum increase: $2
• Autobuy: TBD
Please reply to the last bidder! If it goes over $40 I will include a headshot. Also don’t comment if you plan on backing out.. thanks!
Tags: #designauction #auction #adoptable

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