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Slum2School Africa  We're a volunteer driven organization providing education to children living in slums & remote communities across Africa. We're one big happy familyπŸ‘ͺ

Today we celebrate our beautiful children across Africa. What comes to mind when you think of an African Child ?

The light that brightens up the African continent.

I am an African child
Born with a skin the colour of chocolate
Bright, brilliant and articulate
Strong and bold; I'm a gift to Africa
Talented enough to be the best

I am an African child
Often the target of pity
My future is not confined to charity
It is my right to be educated
I have a dream, give me the opportunity I deserve; And I will thrive.

Pt1. Original By Eku McGreg πŸ“· @viviannwobiphotography
#AfricanChild #DayOfTheAfricanChild #Slum2School #Slum2SchoolAfrica

"I will never forget my experience today visiting Mr Herbert Wigwe in his office. It has made me believe that I can be whoever I want to be in future, irrespective of my background" Charles Usa.

Thanks to all the uncles and aunties who made this visit memorable for our kids. Thank you @myaccessbank And Mr #HerbertWigwe
Thank you @vicwillie @osayia @amaechiokobi @michaelwenegieme @debolalagos @awele.emili @doctoridia @beatriceporbeni #MichealBanye and uncle @otto_orondaam
We appreciate you all for your commitment and for giving us the best. We are very grateful.
#LetsDoMore #Slum2School #AccessBank #Slum2SchoolAfrica #HopeForEveryChild #Education4All

Our little way of saying Thank You for inspiring us and creating time out of your very busy schedule to visit us at our school, invite us over to your office and also spend time with us. We appreciate your very kind gesture.
And congrats to our girl Deborah for a beautiful presentation. We are very proud of you.

Thank you @myaccessbank and Mr #HerbertWigwe
#LetsDoMore #Slum2School #Slum2SchoolAfrica #AccessBank

Guess who showed up to surprise us at the waiting room of his office. The GMD of @myaccessbank Mr #HerbertWigwe
We were so pleased to have a mini tour around the Access Bank Head Quarters and also meet with Mr Herbert in his office.
One of our children, Blessing said, Sir I will be the future GMD of Access Bank. And we all laughed excitedly. We pray her dreams become a reality. πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½
#FaithAtWork #DefiningMoments #Slum2School #Excursion #AccessBank #Slum2SchoolAfrica #LetsDoMore

Guess who walked into the room to share some inspiring advice with us while waiting for our super mentor.
Thank you @debolalagos for your great words. "What may seem like a burden to us because of our history will turn out to be a blessing." Thank you for sharing and laughing with us. We look forward to your visit very soon.
#LetsDoMore #Slum2School #Slum2SchoolAfrica

Uncle can you please sign an autograph for us?
Sure I will. Can I have your name ?

It was a great pleasure hosting the Grammy Award winning children singer @timkubart and others from the United States and the US Embassy.
Thanks for visiting us and thanks for the love shared.
#Slum2School #USEmbassy #TimKubart #MusicForChildren #Slum2SchoolAfrica

Exciting day with some of our Secondary school kids preparing to meet with one of their super mentors.
After having lunch uncle Banye our External Relations Director is engaging them in a very inspiring chat and reminding them that they are ambassadors of their communities and also the voices of many children who look forward to having the same opportunity they had many years ago. πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬ #Slum2School #Slum2SchoolAfrica #Makoko #Sogunro #Epe #TarkwaBay #Iwaya #Bariga #Nigeria

Priceless lessons to help our kids in making informed decisions regarding their skills and career paths.
We are so inspired about the diverse career paths, professions and skill sets they are interested in and we look forward to the great journey into making them a reality.
Thanks to @triciabiz for the great lessons. Thanks @chis0 for coordinating the day @nacksam @susantehmmmy
@inighi @awele.emili @miss_leezie @amara_opara @jacquelineaki for the prizes @boomieeeee1 @rowland_ogbonda @damola @Banye @inemopreghafi @laizaking @ursulasebastine @Chidiebere @debola @olatayo_denise and dozens of other volunteers who took part in this mentorship series. #LetsDoMore #iVolunteer #CelebratingSuccess #CareerDevelopment #SkillsAssessment #MentorshipSeries #Slum2School #Slum2SchoolAfrica

It was so inspiring having our secondary school kids watch "Tolu" an inspiring short film by @nadineibrahimfilms
The story is a reality of their communities and the rhetoric the grow up hearing. "The girl child is less important than the boy child!" "Education isn't for girls!" Etc
They felt so Inspired watching Tolu and asked us to play it a second time.
And many of them are already advocates for gender equality within their communities.
They are looking forward to meeting the entire crew of Tolu and @nadineibrahimfilms πŸŽ₯πŸŽ¬πŸ“ΊπŸ“ΉπŸ“ŸπŸ“½
And we are excited about what is about to come.
#LetsDoMore #Slum2School #Slum2SchoolAfrica #Movies #nadineibrahimfilms #TOLU

Thanks to all our amazing volunteers and team managers who took part in mentoring hundreds of our senior primary to secondary school children and guiding them with their Career Assessment.
We look forward to all the exciting activities they will have over the summer holiday and we appreciate you all for your incredible service.
#LetsDoMore #Slum2School #iVolunteer #Slum2SchoolAfrica #Slum2SchoolSummerSchool #CareerDevelopment


After their regular mentorship class on Wednesday, @otto_orondaam told the class that a special guest was visiting them on Friday. That special guest was Mr Herbert Wigwe, GMD of @myaccessbank

After school hours, Goodluck, a paternal orphan who lives with his grandmother and makes slippers in a local workshop, decided to make a pair of slippers and gift this special guest, without expecting anything in return.

Touched by this gesture and the quality of the slippers, Mr Herbert Wigwe, got a savings account opened in Goodluck's name and credited it with N100,000 to help Goodluck and his family grow the business.
It was such an emotional and inspiring moment, and one filled with great lessons:
1. You do not need to have a lot to give.
2. The heart that gives always receives more.
3. Never give expecting something in return.
4. Always give with an open heart filled with love and love will come back to you.

#HappyChildrensDay #ChildrensDay #Slum2School #Slum2SchoolAfrica #AccessBank

This Story Inspired Us All.. #HappyChildrensDay Repost @otto_orondaam "From a Goodluck who had no shoes to a Goodluck who now makes shoes."

So on Wednesday I got a call that Mr Herbert Wigwe, GMD of @myaccessbank would be coming on Friday to spend time with our kids @slum2school.

So on Thursday after our Innovation Challenge I told them that we have a very special uncle coming to visit us & we needed to give him an appreciation gift.
They were so excited & some of them suggested a basket of fishπŸ˜€
When we were done, Goodluck Walked up to me & said, "Uncle I can go to our workshop this afternoon & make a pair of slippers for Mr Herbert."
I was shocked that he could think of that.
Goodluck is Sharon's brother & they are paternal orphans. He learnt how to make shoes & after school he works at a local workshop in the community.
I doubted him because the time was so short but I asked him, How can we support you. He asked for N1000 naira & we gave him N2000.

He took It, screamed excitedly & ran out. Few hours later his guardian called & asked if I sent Goodluck to make shoes. My anticipation increased.

So in the morning I was looking forward to seeing Godluck but he hadn't come. He forgot to wash his uniform because he didn't have the time so he came in a wet dirty looking uniform with the slippers in a black bag.
We all had teary eyes seeing the slippers he had made.

Luckily I had planned ahead so I got a nice box to package it cos I knew he wouldn't think of that yet.
We gave him another neat pair of uniform & he presented his Shoes to Mr Herbert Wigwe.
Now Goodluck has a Newly Opened Savings Account at Access Bank with a Hundred Thousand Naira courtesy Mr Herbert. He inspired not only us but all his peers.
He demonstrated what we have always taught them, to learn to give & not just receive & we are so proud of them all.

Thank you Mr Herbert for visiting us. Thanks @amaechiokobi πŸ™πŸ½ @osayia πŸ’š @vicwillie πŸ™Œ. Special thanks to my brother @debolalagos for planning the visit & the Redmedia team. Thanks @mz_jenie & @slum2school Team for efficient coordination. #LetsDoMore
πŸ“Έ @hycintography
#OttoOrondaam #HerbertWigwe #Slum2School #AccessBank #Goodluck

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