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spaghetti nachos  •🌶🦃🌶•⛓🕷⛓•what in tarnation•a girl and her doggo(s)•❣🦀❣️[email protected]

Upside down


You give dogs baths and they just go nutsy bobo or what. That wasn't even half of it 😖

We're annoying..🤡 my junkyard goon 🤠

I want y'all to understand that this fucking 30 or something pound pitbull puppy is laying on my fucking face WHY JUNKYARD JUNI WHY


Why you gotta be a troll my valentine

I'm glad I baked "healthier" chocolate banana muffins at one in the morning 😴😴😴

I brewed hibiscus tea and added a shot of apple cider vinegar + some agave nectar. Concentrated but not alcohol in a jack glass 🌺

Mama Mia I'm a chef boi 🐸

why does my dog look like that

Healed hot dog 🌭