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Jasmine πŸ‡²πŸ‡½  Adrenaline is the spice of life I want to taste the world

A "cholo" looking dude walked into the pizza place arcade I was at and started playing The End by the Doors on a juke box! It was kinda rad!
At work my coworkers said they hope I don't quit and even invited me to their raffle, it felt nice to not feel like a loner or stranger.
As far as my exterior, not considering my emotions or personal life, life is concerned today is panning out to be a chill day and it's nice to escape myself for a little while.
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#desert #desertplants
#california #chill

Wishing to feel this chill again! This was an amazing adventure πŸ€— Memories of happy moments make days like today tolerable and hope for more advntures make these difficult days worth it πŸ–€
#hammock #hangingout
#nature #adventure

Mad craving these tacos I had the other day. Also caramelized onion and fruit is soooooo damn yummy. I'm starving πŸ˜– I should bring real lunch to work πŸ€”
Side note: I actually ate alot more than just what is on the plate lol

Today the parking structure dude said to me "you're the only person who is always smiling.... see there you go haha everyone else is grumpy by this time and you're still smiling." He knows me by now because I go there almost every day and idk itd just nice that I make someone laugh because I dont try to smile I just do for some reason and I've been smiling enough for someone to notice even on days when I've been on the verge of tears the entire day. Idk it was neat.
#smile #smilenowcrylater

I'm eating lunch in my car today. Cream cheese toast with lemon lays and a raspberry kombucha. I feel ok. I'm doing great at work and it's nice to know that. Sometimes I think I've lost my mind. I'm just thankful I can appreciate the good moments eventhough I've been really pretty bad lately.
#life #tryingmybest

Idk. Really
Today wasn't easy.
Eventhough it was 😣
#garden #allnatural

Good morning everyone! This earth is a magnificent wonder.
A self reflection that can be ignored follows....
I have no words of encouragement left to write for myself. I fell back into that same dark place. Except it's not really dark anymore. There isn't any light I've just grown accustomed. And I didn't fall this time, I walked in. A new level of gray and empty and a much further down bottom. You're supposed to set your goals higher higher, well I'm setting my lows lower. I don't know if I should be happy because it means I'm not giving up or if I should be afraid that there could be something lower. I'm not sure it matters... this is about myself...
#sunrise #goldensky
#clouds #darksky

The production manager called me back into his office just to tell me that I looked different today and try to figure it out. I said it was my eyebrows (because they are lighter today). Then during a meeting he chuckled at me... maybe its because I looked nervous but I cant help thinking it was because of my eyebrows hmmm 🀨
#cactus #desertflowers

All in order here!
Just about one of the cutest things I have ever seen! And out in the middle of the desert mind you, in a refreshing oasis!
#palmsprings #frogs
#desert #oasis #cutefrog
#sierrantreefrog #ithink

I had some fucking spicy tacos!
I was gonna post this after I ate them but then I didnt πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ plain bean tacos with chile de Γ‘rbol dorado and green habanero sauce... I suddenly had lip injections πŸŒΆπŸ’‹ #justfood
#simplefood #butsogood
#yummy #spicy

Good morning all!
Let it be known that a week ago today Mark's the day I made decisions that may have ended my life. πŸ˜–

One of my favorite sunrises ever.
Trying to think of positive things because irl I'm just oozing negativity and wanna die πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

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