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Stacey Schappert  Crochet addict, coffee lover, book lover, wanna be traveler, nature aficionado, mom of two girls and two dogs & wife of one awesome husband ๐Ÿ‘Š

I got a request for mommy & me newborn matching hats! Super cute, super fast in this super bulky weight yarn!

Aren't these lovely? And, I already have a project in mind... other projects (eating & sleeping!) will be put on hold. Silk takes precedence! I will be happily crocheting the week away! Please do not call or ring my doorbell!!! #yarnporn #crochetthedayaway #crochetersofinstagram #knitsilk @knitsilk

Fur Balls! Making fur pom poms with friends for table favors for our annual knit & crochet camp! So much fun! Wouldn't this make a pretty bouquet with some feathers maybe for a Winter wedding? #furpompoms #fauxfurpompom #winterwedding

Little dancers are the best! So joyful it fills my heart!

I absolutely love this photo!

Yarn craft for kids!

With an ice & snow storm quickly approaching, this little lady needed a new hat & scarf! #northlandpubliclibrary

Watch a new baby dino, an apatosaurus, hatch! ๐Ÿ‘‰
#beccadekroon #dinoamigurumi

Question? Did I over felt these hearts? I am thinking i should have stopped with the first wash. That is the photo on the left. This felted swirly heart pattern from is magic by the way! #feltedhearts

WOW! Flying over Greenland yesterday and wishing I could stop for a closer look!

English Roses

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