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Alex, Craig & Turbo the Van  Quit our jobs. Driving from 🇨🇦 to 🇦🇷 in a 91 Vanagon. No plans. No mechanical skills. This should be interesting. 890 days on the road.📍Paraguay 🇵🇾

Why do we think we need to always be happy? I don’t believe in that. Happiness is a fleeting feeling, just like sadness and all others. How about choosing to be balanced? For me, it’s way more practical and sustainable. This means welcoming all emotions, observing and appreciating them as they come because we need/have them all. The point is to live through whatever mood and find your way back to your centre. Your centre being that judgement-free place. Instead of setting all these expectations for the next ‘happy high’, why not have zero expectations and just live that moment? No need to be more ambitious than that. It’s something I’ve been thinking about based on so many chats these past years, as I find there’s unnecessary pressure to search for happiness. The ‘happy high’ seems to create more lows, the more you try to find it. My two cents: focus on balance and happiness will come...and go as it needs to. End preach. 🙃

Stoke levels to see the falls were low - and we’re talking about one of the wonders of the world for crying out loud! We were beat up from driving 1000km in two days to get there in torrential rain. But the moment we experienced the insanity of the falls, with all senses fully engaged in the power of it all...well, it’s impossible to feel anything but cleansed and recharged. All thanks to the negative ions the falls produce. The irony is that there’s only positive things to be said about negative ions. For one, they bring us energy and vitality by increasing our levels of serotonin. We’re surrounded by positive ions (which drain our energy and mess with our magnetic field) created by the discharge of voltage from thousands of different systems and products around us. Getting out to nature and organically being stabilized by negative ions, is the scientific reason we feel so good being around it. 🤓#ifyoudontknownowyouknow

Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid - Albert Einstein

Halloween is the merriest time of the year!! We love it! Hope you’re releasing your inner zombies, banditos or whatever spooks your spirits this eve #halloweenrules #trickortreatyoself

As we pass through different climates, the landscape is always changing, adapting to its surroundings and constantly showing us its resilience but also fragility. How quickly we can impact it for the good or bad. And how modestly it reminds us how much we need it. Spend some time with it and remember that.🌵

Craig, Alex and Turbo the Van ❤️

Being in Argentina stirs up all kinds of emotions ...we’re excited to be in lower elevations and regain our breath, put on shorts, and have power back for Turbo. We’re happy to be in a country where camping culture is alive and well making it easier to find showers, free wifi, wild camp spots, potable water...allowing our day-day tasks to be done simply so we can focus on other stuff. We’re conflicted about being here because it means this journey is coming to an end. But we’re also thrilled to bring home some invaluable life lessons gained with an experience like this, to see how we can apply them and where they’ll take us. One lesson we can start applying now: getting too far ahead of ourselves is a waste of present energy. So...we shall take in all the drives, enjoy all the encounters, and drink all the wine cuz we’re in Argentina for crying out loud and it’s like $2cad for a decent bottle!

Over 65,000km driven. Mostly by Craig. No matter how bad the road is, or how crazy the drivers are, or how late it’s getting and we’re breaking the “no driving at night rule” yet again... I can always count on him to get us to wherever we’re going in one piece 😘.

I sit here trying to write the perfect thing about nature but nature is just perfect the way it is. 💕🌾

We’ve become professionals at aimlessly walking around new places, exploring all the nooks and crannies. And it feels so good to say this is one of our “professions” now 🙊. #lifegoals

✨Space. The final frontier...we are the voyagers of Starship Turbo-prise...🖖🏼 ✨

Tough to explain the feels of the unscheduled freedom we get by driving ourselves places and having no clue of what is out there until we get there. So here’s a try...🚐💨

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