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Alex, Craig & Turbo the Van  Quit our jobs. Driving from 🇨🇦 to 🇦🇷 in a 91 Vanagon. No plans. No mechanical skills. This should be interesting. 808 days on the road.📍Bolivia 🇧🇴

When google maps has no idea where the f@<k you are...

#NerdAlert ...Did you know the Incas built these agricultural terraces to create microclimates so they could grow all sorts of goodies, while maximizing water and soil health and being in the middle of the freaking mountains?! #ifyoudontknownowyouknow And Turbo almost drove over the terraces but that’s another story.

Turbo vs the Andes... 💪🏼😬💪🏼

#MachuPicchu was not a historically significant place for the Incas. Among theories, it was a university or maybe just a vacation home for the main dude, Pachacutec. And they only got to enjoy it for a few decades after it was built. But the journey to get here via jungles or mountains or both. The breath-taking views, serenity and magnetism of the place. The ridiculous engineering on some pretty tough terrain. The fact that it remained undiscovered until a little over a century ago...The whole package makes this place undeniably special even with the hordes of people (including us), who want to be a part of it all for just a couple of hours. There are many mysteries and theories scattered around the place. Our main tip if you ever plan on going is to take your time and find your own meaning within it. (And go in the afternoon! After 4pm, the place is yours to gawk at.)

Brother from another mother 😍

Guanacos, alpacas and llamas everywhere on the drive to Cusco. It’s impossible to get used to seeing them just going about their day...they’re so freaking cute!!! #alpacalove #thisisperu

Seemed like an ok spot to stop for grilled cheese sandwiches👌🏼

Best advice we can give for anyone wanting to do a trip like this: pick a date, stick with it and just go. Nothing can prepare you for what’s out there. But we can guarantee that what’s out there will blow your socks off. •
📸: @vanabundos

Craig and I have always been pretty social. Our home was usually the meeting place and when we left for the road, it was really hard to say goodbye to our friends and family. What we didn’t account for at the time, were the friends that await us on the road. Sometimes it’s just a quick ‘hi’ and different interests end up taking you in different directions. Other times, we meet people that make us feel right at home. These guys left for the road almost on the same day as us. And also without a clue of a plan. Thanks to ours and @Vanabundos super slow travel styles, we found each other in a random gas station in Nicaragua. The meeting lasted seconds but we knew that was only the beginning of many adventures...and gas stations. We had big plans to caravan through some awesome spots together. And here we are finally convoying in Peru!! I still can’t believe this is our life and how our current reality of hanging out with friends consists of what places we’re going to drive through together. Man, we are so thankful for the people around us at home and on the road. Without them, life wouldn’t be nearly as fun! #boring 😜

#ProTip: When your free camp spot is at 4000m elevation with a storm rolling in, it’s probably a good idea to sleep with the top down 🧐

Wake up slow...☕️🍳

Vanlife is basically like regular life except with more outdoor space 🤓#somuchroomforactivities

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