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💦CUMPTIOUS💦Lvl.21🍸  Just call me slowku. Only dead fish go with the flow🐠 🌷Artist🌷 🌸Cosplayer🌸 🌺Vegan🌺 🌌Live your dreams but don't dream your life🌌 🌟NEXT CON: A-fest🌟

Ever since the #cosplayersaskids tag began to trend, I had wanted to make my own post under the hashtag :) I have very few pictures of me as a young child, being the last of 3, born a few years shy of 2 decades after my siblings (and almost no pictures exist from when I was in middle school when I was going through my emo/scene phase HARDCORE thanks to not having a picture taking phone thank GAWD) but anyways, yes, these photos might seem a bit personal to post but I feel comfortable sharing these because I think it’s a beautiful thing seeing how someone has grown from something so small to the adult they are now :) also I know at-least a few of you out there will find it heartwarming or interesting, something like that ^v^ 💕💖✨ >v<

He very recently turned 21 and he is such a sweet lad, you should all go wish him a great 21st year of life!!😍🙏🏻🙌🏻💖💕✨ (psst, and follow him too cuz he’s great *v*) I look SO forward to all the nights out partying and drinking with you, bayybeee ;D🍾🤙🏻✨😚👌🏻

Some of my favourite Lilith Pictures from the con🦇🦇✨
First pic taken by @bluezuki 📸
Suit and Wings sewn and crafted by myself ✂️✨
Wig created by @ardawigs



Whilst I am con crunching this month, other than upcoming sneak peeks and progress posts (and eventually early release of the full cosplays on patreon) I won’t really have much to post until after shooting in each one. Here’s another photo from the Skyward Sword Zelda set :) I had a great time shooting this cosplay in such an amazing beautiful place🏞☁️✨

🏞☀️Good morning, everyone!! :)☀️🏞
Everyone loves waking up to ahegao, right? Well here’s a Skyward Sword Zelda ahegao to start off your day 😊 I want to again thank EVERYONE who supported me, without you, these shoots would not be possible <:) and it makes me so glad that not only am I able to provide content that both I love, and I know you guys love, but that there are actually people who support me to see my content 😭🙏🏻✨💖 it’s really amazing how much support you guys give me and I am so very grateful for it. Anyways, mushiness aside, lol :3, I am so excited to post more pictures from this set in the future. Thank you once more to all my amazing patrons, I hope you really enjoy the full set! :)

Not just being a fan of his work, his art inspires and influences me to exercise more liberty with my strokes and style and making it into something even more fun 😊✨ Ross not only as an artist, but as a person brings me great joy and laughter and I very much appreciate all that he does to interact with his followers💖 He’s a goodie Gud man 😌👌🏻✨
Also I have to say my definite favorite episode of steam train with Ross is when he and Barry play The Grinch and that fuckin kid gets stuck to them 🤣🤣 With every new art piece nowadays, I’m trying new shading styles, so I hope you guys enjoy how this looks <:) anyways, have a good night everybody!!💫✨

Proper Ahegao Lens Review of @uniqso s Sweety Colorful Rio Blue Contact Lenses 👅💦👁👀
These are literally my favorite lenses I’ve ever tried on. They look extremely natural yet unreal at the same time 😍✨ so beautiful!! These contacts are perfect for a natural yet semi-intense blue eye effect. Especially since my eyes are a dark hazel brown, these really impressed me with how natural they still look 😍🙌🏻💕💖🙏🏻✨
Love, love, LOVE these!!🙌🏻✨
#uniqso #uniqsoreview #ahegao

Everyone went nuts over this clip so I decided to post it✨💕
I can’t wait to make meme-Chan’s outfit so I can take so many ahegao photos T^T🙏🏻🙌🏻💕✨ Thank you guys so much for all of the love and support, it really means so much✨

I love this selfie taken by @crescendocosplay so much, I’m sorry, I had to post it!! XD please give her lots of love and a follow! 💕✨

I had SUCH an amazing time at #animematsuri2018 😍🙌🏻✨
I got to hang out with SO MANY of my awesome friends and had a great time!!💕
Thank you so much to everyone who said such sweet things about my dumb outfit and to my buddies at the con who were so sweet to me the whole weekend ☺️💕✨
You all are gems to behold💎✨
Looking forward to next year already!! for now, #fanexpodallas2018 , you’re next!!! >:3

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