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j  what would elle woods do?

every day i’m getting better

cuddle pugs

happy bird day to this sweet, ethereal angel. i love you so much!

i don’t know how to take selfies anymore but my new overalls are real cute

mary is the best host. today we went to washington square park and saw a lot of cute dogs. i held this dog in a bag. she has an instagram but i forgot it.

a good & sweaty day

this puppy girl has been feeling rotten all week, and i’ve been worried sick. she finally turned a corner today and jumped up on the couch all by herself. very grateful to tim for helping me nurse her back to health with love and pets and boiled chicken. send good thoughts to my sweet lil baby. 💘

happy birthday to my best friend and favorite virgo. i’m so lucky i met my best friend when i was two years old, and i’m so happy i got to do all of my growing up with you by my side. i love the resilient, strong, self-assured human you’ve grown into. i hope everyone has a chance to find a friend who makes them feel as special and cherished as you make me feel. 💖

one whole year of smoochin you

“I know that as I grow more affectionate towards myself, I allow space for others to do the same. I know that the more I am able to witness, hold, and share my pain, the more I let others know that change is possible. Change is challenging. Change is a constant choice.”

my little apartment feels more like home every day.

‘happy birthday to me. i didn't think you'd be here still but look how you become more brave and curious every day, and more and more the girl of your dreams.’

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