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j  what would elle woods do?

being stuck in your head is frustrating and scary. it’s hard to trust your thoughts when your brain keeps sabotaging your progress. but today is a good day, and i’m working on accepting love, both from myself and others.

reminder: healing is a process. don’t rush to fix when the solution needs time and space to work itself out. don’t rush towards an ending just to get out of a feeling. change might be subtle and that’s okay. we can’t skip over even one millimeter of our process without having to go back later and redo it. stay with what you feel so you don’t have to go back and redo what is already difficult and impossible to go through once. treat yourself with the same loving kindness you give to others.

@losingteeth says i look like a sassy leo, but i don’t feel very sassy. thank you, @alsncthrn for capturing the spirit of my overgrown eyebrows.

my weekend was filled with love and light and some of the people i love the most.

look who came to hang out in chicago today! we saw a lot of skeletons!

so proud of you—today & every day. 🖤


babies love me

happy father’s day. thanks for everything.

practicing unlimited gentleness

lily long legs

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