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j  truth coming out of her well to shame mankind

these cuties make my heart so full!

my little claw hand says hey

heat miser, but make it fashion.

i woke her up from a nap to take this.

thanks for all the parking tickets, you dumb city. 💕

this produce section speaks to me.

i’m obsessed with my dog, AMA

saw a star war last night and rly enjoyed it. look at me looking at me looking cozy as heck in my big coat.

sometimes i have a hard time believing that this muppet is a living dog.

who wore it better? (definitely tim)

today was my last day at lush and i’m so frickin sad about it. thanks for making my first holiday season in chicago so special. love all you babes. 💞

seasonal depression has been kicking my ass for the last week. today i am choosing to be nice to myself. went to myopic and bought myself a book. soaking in the tub. surrounding myself with people i love. being social can be hard for me this time of year, but it’s always worth it.

i’ve been coming here after therapy every week, and it’s a nice ritual.

i am along for the ride, not completely in control of this ship.

i can’t remember the last conversation i had with my grandma. or when i saw her last. she passed away last night after getting sick really suddenly. we weren’t very close, but i always hoped that someday we would be. there was so much i wanted to ask her. don’t wait. it’s not worth it.

do your palms ever itch?

i belong deeply to myself.

a little buzz

i'm a bat, duh 🦇

look at my autumn dog

saturday morning sleepies

how can she know who she is if she gives away her secrets?

'The foundation of my life is expanding. I am learning how to heal my past. I am learning how to take up space in the ways that I need to but have felt I had no right to. I am learning that the only way to do this is by being completely, ruthlessly and resplendently honest with myself.'

a good and wholesome day

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