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Jeremy✨Sloo✨ Hamilton  Made to Last Tattoo 129 N Poplar St, Charlotte NC To set up an appt:



New portfolio 🌷@madetolasttattoo

Recents in crystal series. Different sizes on different women of different lives. ✨ @madetolasttattoo

Abstract thinking is the ability to think about objects, principles, and ideas that are not physically present. It is related to symbolic thinking, which uses the substitution of a symbol for an object or idea. Thank you Kyle for coming and collecting this from me. @madetolasttattoo

A lot of my work involves ideas based around life and death, and exploring duality. But I find beauty in it. @madetolasttattoo

Did this today on Alex. For me it represents a merging of nature and technology and consciousness. It's my personal musing belief that humans are the chrysalis for something greater. A singularity. But we're in our infancy still. Thanks for looking! @madetolasttattoo

Thank you, Sydney ✨ @madetolasttattoo

Made this smaller piece today ✨ smaller but still full of details you can zoom to see 👀 @madetolasttattoo

Pleiades star cluster add on for Ashley today. Blended t with the Pillars of Creation on the eagle nebula, and Milky Way. @madetolasttattoo

Emily got me to do this cute sloth today! Everyone was jealous of the sloths I got to hang with in Peru but they are even cuter and cuddly and soft and slow in real life! Live slow, die whenever. @madetolasttattoo

When I do these, I just kind of make a decision on how it's going to look only when I first start pouring ink. I ask the client what color they prefer and base everything off that. It sharpens my skills to think on the fly and trust my instinct and still be happy with the end product. I overthink everything in my life, tattooing is the one thing I can really just zone out all the other stuff in my life and focus truly. Challenges me everyday, but I couldn't do it without my amazing clients who put trust in me. An amazing best friend and shop manager @xderskix who sets up my books and makes my job less stressful. And an amazing place to work in @madetolasttattoo and last but not least my owners @xskinnyx and @chrisxempire who took a shot in this weird kid and and my crazy tattoo ideas and actually inspire me to still love tattooing the more I do it and give it the care and pride in craft and customer service.

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