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sloggi  Feel your freedom!

With our FlexiMesh technology, it gives your boobs that cloud 9 feeling all day. Link in bio. #TryMyBra

S is for Spillage. When it comes to bras, an overflowing cup ain’t the one #TryMyBra

Ooouuch – When you catch your piercing #TryMyBra

Euuuggh – When the dreaded wires get tighter and tighter #TryMyBra

Bbrrrrr – When the AC is way up and your boobs aren’t prepared #TryMyBra

A is for Aaaaaaaaaaahhh - the moment of boob freedom after a long day #TryMyBra

Why should comfort be limited to Sundays? #TryMyBra #BehindTheScenes

Got that mid-afternoon bra jail feeling? Free them with the new WOW comfort #TryMyBra #BehindTheScenes

Introducing our new WOW comfort bra. The one to rule them all. #TryMyBra

The one bra that will bring an end to discomfort: WOW comfort. #TryMyBra

sloggi WOW comfort is so comfortable, everyone should try it #TryMyBra

Move over uncomfy bras, the new WOW comfort is here #TryMyBra

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