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@pgharris9 working away on the range. Take note in how he uses an alignment stick to make sure his practice remains consistent. This is something that everyone can incorporate into their practice sessions! #slomogolf #golf #sendusyourswing

When it snows but golf is life! Thanks for the video @klea1213 keep up the good work! #slomogolf #golf #sendusyourswing

Top stuff from PGA Tour player @kevinna915 really like the controlled length of his backswing, this allows him to be precise with the shorter clubs, essential for good scoring on Tour. Good luck this season Kevin! #slomogolf #golf #sendusyourswing

Top looking golf swing from @goddard_harry really like how he keeps a really athletic spinal angle throughout the swing! Good work Harry! #slomogolf #golf #sendusyourswing

Colin Montgomerie with this famous finish position! Monty makes sure he has soft grip pressure allowing the club to flow freely with good rhythm! #slomogolf #golf #sendusyourswing

Top work from @astigolf13 really enjoy the stretch that he gets at the top of his swing! This creates width and helps to increase his rotational speed. #slomogolf #golf #sendusyourswing

Top golf swing from @shinsplints95 love how well he rotates around his spine in the backswing. This rotational movement gives him consistency as well as power! #slomogolf #golf #sendusyourswing

Top stuff from @thenotorious_rak really enjoy the lag he gets from the top of the swing, this shows that his tension levels are correct giving his wrist the ability to move freely! #slomogolf #golf #sendusyourswing

Really enjoying seeing @tigerwoods back hitting full shots. Would be good for the game to see him back!

When @bret.e.benjamin is better through his legs than we are pitching normally! #slomogolf #golf #sendusyourswing

Top work from @avabergner notice how she is hitting balls not wearing any shoes, this helps her to be fully aware of where her weight is in the golf swing and is a good drill for balance! #slomogolf #golf #sendusyourswing

Top work from @brittany.mai really enjoy how well she clears her hips out of the way at impact! This maximises the power that she is able to deliver to the ball. #slomogolf #golf #sendusyourswing

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