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Tim Llop  Artist, Vintage truck and motorcycle enthusiast, Earthkeeper. Always looking for more forest 🌲🌲🌲🌲 Northerner by birth, Minnesota proud

Had a phenomenal weekend in Austin. Seeing Dead shows and some of your best friends in immediate proximity is very good for the brain, I highly recommend it. Thank you so very much @mbyrne_ and @thecalebkaiser for all the glorious food and letting me crash at your swanky apartment. This trip was for my only Dead show this tour, which was and is a mistake. Holy Jesus what a show, truly fuckin’ legendary second set. If I could only be there for one, that was the one to be there for, and it was an honor. If anyone has an opportunity to head to New Orleans or Florida to catch the rest of this tour, FUCKING GO!!!! They’re having the times of their lives, and it’s infectious as shit. Thank you @bobweir @johnmayer @billkreutzmann @mickeyhart @oteil_burbridge and Jeff Chimenti for one of, if not the greatest concerts I’ve ever had to privilege to attend. Please Never stop truckin’ ❤️⚡️💙💀

WOOO!! See you wonderful people in Austin. @deadandcompany @bobweir @mickeyhart Happy belated birthday DroneMaster, @billkreutzmann @johnmayer @oteil_burbridge -Recent photos from the floor at Phish Dicks, Thank you Woody #phishtour #phishdicks #deadtour #deadandcompany #gratefuldead #falltour2017 #woodyguthrie #themusicneverstops

Not exactly the Golden Arches

Happy 75th birthday Jerry, thank you for everything. The music never stopped. We all can use a reminder like this these days. It's because it's Fun. Thank you @aarons_picks for the repost on this #garcia75th and @bluebelle42 thank you so much, Trixie too, for everything you guys have done!! We all love your dad, and we all love you!! All the Love and good vibes on this wonderful day. I also cannot forget to mention my sister and Alan's anniversary today. The first of August is a very love filled day. #rabbitrabbit 🙏🏼❤️⚡️💙🙏🏼
#ItsBecauseItsFun #jerrygarciainterview #gratefuldead #jerrygarcia #1972

People ask me why. This is my answer: If you don't find this image of last nights opener compelling, you'll never understand. And if you do find it compelling, you should probably buy some phish ticks and find out for yourself. #sundaymorning #phishmsg #glazeon #bakersdozen #jonfishman #popefishman #phish #phishtour #07232017 #night3

Night 3, here we go. #phish #bakersdozen #glazeon #phishmsg #msg

Bravo CK5, all the love in those lights #phish #bakersdozen #glazeon #phishmsg #ck5 #night2 #secondset #birdsofafeather

Second phase of summer tour starts now. #phish #bakersdozen #msg #newyork #phishdicks #phishtour

From last night. ⚡️

Come down to The Pourhouse in downtown Minneapolis tomorrow night from 7-11pm if you're in the twin cities. @__derivative and I have a pop up booth at @rawartistsminneapolis where we'll be selling prints, patches, paintings, and sculpture. It is important to know that it's 18+ (if kids under 2 can get into Grateful Dead shows for free, they should probably be allowed in everywhere.) and 30 bucks at the door if you don't already have a ticket / are on a guestlist. Anyways, hope to see y'all tomorrow, it's gonna be a great time.


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