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L P  The purpose of life is joy.

This lightly spicy cocktail is called No Soup For You, and it's just as sought after as the provisions from the soup stand in Seinfeld. Except the folks at @nitrogenjupiter won't give you a hard time about ordering it 🤗

My favorite place to reminisce the days I was obsessed with Gossip Girl *sigh* #fbf #centralpark #xoxogossipgirl

Colors of summer 🍅

I miss everyone already! What weekend to remember. Can't wait for my girl @ellewellz to walk down the isle! #raisinghellforlwells #twobsinapod2017

Twelve girls set sail that day for an hour and a half tour. The weather started getting rough, and the girls were getting tossed. If it were not for laughter amongst the group, the girls would be lost. This is the tale of Lauren's bachelorette party on the isle of Manhattan. We're here for a weekend having the best time, and we'll recover from these hangovers and get back to drinking vodka water with lime! #raisinghellforLWells

Can't wait to be reunited in NYC with these babes @ellewellz @samanthacasale #burghbabes #bachweekend #letthegamesbegin

That edge-the-world, deserted island feeling lies just 50 miles off the coast of Miami in Bimini. Read about my trip to the tiny Bahamian isle for @pbillustrated by clicking the link in my bio 👆🏼#rwbimini #biminibliss #visitthebahamas #travelwriting

Hunting down the best BBQ with @the_phenix85 this summer. (We'll let you know when and where we find it.)

Caught some chick trying to sunbathe amongst the fleurs in Via Mario. This island is just out of control.

Home is where love grows ❤️💙❤️ Congrats on your first home @nancpants21! This is a wonderful new beginning!

I think you've got a little something there. #vangogh #shadesofculture

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