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Jennifer Sandra Ginley-Hagan  🌈 NATIONAL Miss Slinky 2017 πŸ’ƒ 🌈 SW Magazine Cover Girl πŸŽ‰ 🌈 HALVED my body weight in just over 1 YEAR πŸ¦‹ 🌈 19 stone 4 (270 lb) ➑️ 9 stone 9 (135 lb)

This just came up on my Facebook, I shared it a year ago today. This is so true and so important with weight loss. On my many failed attempts I would set silly goals and give up if I didn't lose a stone a month. It's that instant gratification attitude that we use with food when we have a bad relationship too. If we want it, we want it now. Yes it would be great to get to target four weeks in and completely change yourself as a person physically and mentally, but that is impossible, it takes time, focus and above all consistency. Every good day on plan is practice for the rest of your life. You're developing a new routine and lifestyle, you're not on a diet to come off a diet when you see a specific number on the scales. You change the way you eat, perceive food and live over a long period of time. Your days lived cannot be undone, the food eaten cannot be uneaten, stop wasting your time thinking about it. Be positive and just try every day to get it right. One day you may wake up and just realise you're a different person and this is how you eat and live now. That's what happened to me. Real, true change is the key. Weight loss is just a consequence. No matter how much you have to lose all it takes is that attempt for a great day one day at a time. The longest and most difficult of journeys all begin with one single step. Never give up on yourself. I promise you, you are capable. Have an amazing Thursday people. πŸ¦‹

Half price Frostino between 3 and 6pm @costacoffee?! Thank you very much.
I think it would be downright rude not to get one. Small decaf, soya milk (just over 1/2 HE A chcoice) frostino with sugar free caramel syrup (free), 2 syns only for vanilla binder used only. Even though I have a rain mac on in July I sipped this freezing cold dream in a cup with my eyes shut pretending the sun was shining. β˜€οΈβ˜”οΈ

Ladies & gents did you see the incredible @slimmingworld news?! Young Slimmer of the Year 2017 has been revealed!! The stunning Isabelle has lost the same amount of weight as me but she achieved that in her teenage years. I find that remarkable!! We all know how difficult our teenage years are, I for one ate my way through them and gained weight throughout. I am so elated for her that she will go into the rest of her life living healthily and happily all because of her determination and @slimmingworld. Yet another outstanding example of Slimming World touching hearts and changing lives. ❀️
Let's show our new title holder some insta love and follow this amazing girl!! CONGRATULATIONS Isballe ❀️ @slimmingworldiz

Breakfast this morning.
A punnet of blackberries (sped free & Β£1 in Tesco at the moment!) and 2 choca mocha hifi bars (HE B choice). β˜•οΈπŸ«

After doing my final food post yesterday I went to visit my dad at his fiancΓ©'s @shelaghx and she had birthday cake (her special birthday tomorrow - 21st πŸ˜‰). My sister had some and I was super jealous so I decided to use some of my weekly syns and have some. 25g of vanilla sponge iced cake is 4.5 syns. I didn't measure this but to be safe I am saying it would be around 125g so 22.5 syns. I'll take that off my remaining syns for the week. I spoke a little about weekly syns / banking syns on my live on Sunday. I done this when losing me weight only very rarely. I'll do another live on syns generally soon if you'd like that. Anyway cake is a massive vice of mine and I wish I flexed that willpower muscle a bit more because I've got a few honeymoon pounds still to lose but no negative thoughts required. It was delicious, the end. 🍰
So yesterday ended on 34.5 syns. So far I've used 76 of my 105 weekly allowance.

Only other food/drink today besides meals posted and water.
A @pinkladyappleuk, a clementine (both speed free), a mini twister (2 syns), and two (I'm addicted) decaf Frostinis (4 syns for vanillin binder - 2 in each), 175ml Alpro oat milk in one (1/2 HE A choice is 150ml, plus 0.5 syn for extra 25ml) and 175ml of @alpro soya for professionals milk (1/2 HE A choice is 150ml, plus 0.5 syn for extra 25ml). Decaf coffee and sugar free caramel syrup in both (free). Ending today on 12.5 syns. πŸ‘Œ

Dinner tonight.
Aldi edamame bean protein pot with soy & ginger dressing (1 syn) on little gem lettuce boats with added red onion (both speed free). 😍

Snack in the evening sunshine. Of course #carterthefoodstalkingchihuahua is after this packet of deliciousness, and my niece Indi was too! Alllll mine sorry my friends 🀚😊
A packet of in herbs we trust flavour @hippeas_snacks (4.5 syns). The best way to spend crispppyyy syns. So much healthier and tastier that your average crisps. They're 2 bags for Β£1.50 at the moment in W H Smith. πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ

Just some lunchtime reading....πŸ˜†
OUT TODAY! Issue 30 of Best magazine @bestmagofficial, page 34 - 35 πŸ’–
It's only out for one week, I'd love for you to grab a copy and tell me what you think?! It is SO surreal seeing yourself in a real life magazine in a real life shop. I cannot believe these pictures are me in real life. Happy, joy and dreamlike are words that don't even cut it right now. I am living my wildest dreams all thanks to @slimmingworld ❀️
Not only am I half the size, healthy and happy on a level I never knew would be possible for me, I get to share my story and hopefully inspire people to believe in their own weight loss dreams. You know me or follow me because of my success, I couldn't write a book (literally) on my failed weight loss attempts. NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS! πŸŒˆπŸ¦‹
I am no different to you. I learned all about the plan and just followed it day in day out. I lived the magic of @slimmingworld and I owe my life and happiness to it. I dreamed of my wedding day since I was a little girl, I met my future husband at 15 years old and my weight stopped me from happily living my dream. I have never felt more pride, elation and pure contentment than I did on my wedding day. Seeing one of our wedding pictures in the magazine and my new name gives me butterflies. As does my husband after all this time together. πŸ¦‹
Thank you to the amazing people at Best for my lovely interview and feature. I am so thankful you wanted me to be featured in your magazine. Thank you also to the incredible ladies at @slimmingworld for organising all these incredible opportunities. You lot are dreamy @meganfev @lucyk2503 @amywilliamspr @hanpod and the other lovelies. πŸ’ž

Lunch today.
This week is speed soup lunch week! πŸ‘ŒπŸ΅
Today's - butternut squash, onion, carrot, chilli (all speed free) and a vegetable stock cube (free). 🍡
Raspberries and blackberries (both speed free). ❀️
2nd litre of water in my @hydratem8. πŸ’§

Breakfast this morning.
1 small wholemeal toast (1/2 HE B choice), 2 scrambled eggs (free) and a grapefruit (speed free). 🍞🍳🍊

#transformationtuesday today with my beautiful in every single way sister ❀️
9 years between us but we are like twins. We shared our food issues massively, we were food partners in crime. Eating for pure indulgence and greed every day. It is SO hard to change your mentality. To change when your issues are that bad you have to change your perception of and your relationship with food. It doesn't happen overnight but that's ok. Don't expect to join @slimmingworld and have the discipline of lots of us target members here on Instagram, don't be negative about yourself if you have a bad day. Change is ALL in your attitude. What's eaten cannot be uneaten, it's done, move on, focus on improving your ability to stick to plan. πŸ‘Œ
I touched on it a little in my live on Sunday. When I joined SW for the first two and a half months or so after weigh in (used to be a Tuesday evening), myself and my sister would get a takeaway and eat junk. Not massive amounts, just a fix of the food we had relied on and been so addicted to for so many years. At that point we needed that. I didn't want to be 'missing out'. I very soon realised how different I felt putting that food in my body and stopped, not going over my syns after weigh in. My sister at first just thought I was saying that I felt horrible but then she experienced the same thing, realised she didn't need that food and loved how she felt on plan. It takes time for our attitudes to change, just do what you feel able to with the day in front of you. Logic isn't always easy to focus on when you have your own relaistonship with food to tear down and rebuild. If logic was easy to follow we would all be slim, eat less, eat healthily and move more. How many times have us who have been overweight heard that; usually from someone slim being patronising and having no clue what it is like to have issues with food. 🀚
Myself and my sister failed with countless weight loss attempts but that doesn't matter. You need to forget what's done, move on, ONE DAY AT A TIME. That's the logic that got us through what we have achieved - stay on plan everyday, your willpower will develop! I am SO proud of you @cginner_x πŸ’– #slimmingworld

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