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Jennifer Sandra Ginley-Hagan  🌈 National Miss Slinky 2017 💃 🌈 SW Cover Girl 🌟 🌈 Halved my body weight in just over 1 yr 🦋 🌈 19 stone 4lb ➡️ 9 stone 9lb 📧 slimmingworldjsg@gmail.com

I am very lucky to frequently receive lovely thank you cards and gifts from my lovely clients. This has been the case always in our office. Citizens Advice offices are full of cakes, biscuits, chocolates, sweets and more! I learned very quickly in my SW journey that I had to develop some serious willpower. I would cope by taking in my hifi bars and having lots of syn free snacks. This way I never felt left out or hungry. Even if I could have treats within my syns when I was working on new behaviour I dug deep to develop willpower and go for syn free / lower syn / healthier snacks. All these naughty foods you love are going nowhere and you’ll be surrounded by people indulging in things allllllll the time. If you don’t change, nothing changes. If you want to lose weight and act differently around food you have to really try. Food used to control me and still to this day I feel proud refusing food that would previously be in my mouth and swallowed before I could logically consider whether I wanted it. Never, ever forget it is ONLY food. Don’t let it take you further away from your dreams. It did to me for too many years. Give it away, throw it in the bin, pour washing up liquid over it if you have to. If you feel weak do whatever you need to remove temptation. It is never worth it. The old me would devour a box of chocolates and promise myself I’d start again Monday. Does that Monday ever come? It never did for me. That dramatic big change never happens. One day at a time your willpower grows, you positivity grows, your belief in yourself grows and before your know it you’re becoming the person you always dreamed of being. I promise you with all of my heart, if I can do it, you can. Never mind celebration chocolates, celebrate your happiness by staying on plan. Those wonderful weight losses each week taste much sweeter than any chocolate. Remember willpower is like a muscle, the more you use it the stronger it gets. 💪❤️
Even though I wouldn’t eat these chocolates as they’re not vegan, I wouldn’t have anyway, my point is about refusing. P.S. you also become an office fave if you’re always giving chocolates away. Bonus. 😁❤️
#slimmingworld #slimmingworldtargetmember

Posts back to front from the usual today! I had my phone at work with me for the first time in 3 weeks. Awaiting an important phone calllllll. 💖
Then my phone was dead once back from a group visit so no dinner picture. It was batch cooked bolognese (free/speed free) and broccoli (speed free). Lunch was #jsgsuperfoodsoup (free / speed free - recipe posted yesterday) and grapefruit (speed free). I forgot my @hydratem8 today! 🍵🍊💧
I had another lovely group visit this evening. ❤️

Myself and my Mum are actually addicted to grapefruits!
I’ve had 2 today, she has had 3! 😂
Thank goodness they’re speed free and super good for you! 😍🍊

Brunch today.
2 @lidluk seeded wholemeal farmhouse (1 = HE B choice and 1 = 6 syns) with beans and 2 @lindamccartneyfoods rosemary and red onion sausages (all free). Lack of speed made up for at dinner with my #jsgsuperfoodsoup and speed free snacking all day. 😊

My #jsgsuperfoodsoup recipe 💚🍵
If you have tried it and love it please do comment and let me know. I think people look at the Shrek-ness and doubt that it is super tasty and filling. Please believe me it is wonderful! 😍
If you do make it please put the hashtag on the post so I can find it - #jsgsuperfoodsoup 😁🍵
Today I made 12 portions. 👌

On Sunday’s I batch cook. Lotsssss of the healthiest, most delicious green goodness prepared for my weeks ahead. I’ll repost my #jsgsuperfoodsoup recipe now 💚
I love seeing you make it, I find your posts in on the hashtag so always remember to add that. 😍🍵😘

Oh. My. Goodness. Food heaven for me right there. We are stuffed!! That was seriously one of the best meals we’ve ever had! SO simple but so, so tasty and satisfying. Happy mouth, happy tummy and overall very happy humans. Halloumi salad for @lukehagan89 (he is vegetarian), to share hummus and crudités, chips with Chinese salt & pepper, panko breaded fried olives with vegan sour cream and aioli, loaded vegan nachos and the best mezze sharing platter ever. That was the best hummus I’ve ever had! Unfortunately the chef came out to apologise that they did not have the ingredients for the vegan scotch egg, not a problem at all as I will be back for that and more of this deliciousness. We can’t believe how reasonably priced this food is too! If you’re in or around Liverpool and want tasty, fresh food whether you’re a vegetarian, vegan or neither come here. It definitely surpassed our expectations. Well done @ourkitchenlpl! Now what dessert shall I have?! Vegan rocky road, vegan brownie, vegan cheesecake orrrrr vegan ice cream? 😍🌱🍆🍅🥒🥕🥑🥔🌶🥙🌮🍧🍮🍫

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my post a few days ago. After a really hectic, tiring week I’m out for a date with my husband. Bliss. 💖
Finally trying @ourkitchenlpl. I thought I’d break my little insta break to share the food we enjoy this evening. We have ordered so much! All my syns shall be spent I’m sure and thoroughly enjoyed. We have just ordered and a vegan scotch egg is one thing on its way. Exxxxcited. I hope you’re all having a lovely Friday. ❤️

Happy Tuesday all!! Just a little post from me this morning to say I’ll be a little quiet over the next week or so. I have 1 billion things on a to do list and have come to learn that when I’m doing too much only I suffer. In the past couple of months I’ve had flu, really bad sinusitis, general exhaustion and the last couple of days I’ve started to feel unwell again. A manic mind and stress can cause us physical illness and it’s important at times to just switch off from a few things that aren’t a life necessity, and live in the simplest form so we can recharge. I had bloods taken recently to check everything was ok, my Dr literally congratulated me on how good my blood work was. It’s improved even since my last check in a April (I have my bloods done every 6 months as I have an underactive thyroid). That means I’m stronger and healthier than ever right now physiologically, the reason I’m getting ill is I’m thinking / doing too much and not sleeping enough. That’s not good for anyone. I’m currently trying to achieve too much simultaneously and it’s not healthy. You may have noticed the last few weeks I’ve only posted when at home in the evening, that’s because I don’t take my phone to work anymore. I created a lovely little divide in each part of my life and it helps me cope much better. Besides what I post I reply to comments, direct messages on here, on my private Facebook, my private Instagram, my SW email and my SW Facebook page. This is not at all a complaint, I’m very thankful for peoples interest and feel especially grateful when people feel they can open up and communicate with me. I choose to share my journey, tips, thoughts and Slimming Word life and love it. I’ll be sharing on another platform soon enough hopefully (one of the things keeping me busy in the background). So right now there’s just too much in this human brain of mine. I shall catch up with you all when I’m recharged and things feel like less of a task! Have a productive, lovely day people! 🦋💡

Work snacks @lukehagan89 brought up for me earlier. 😍
A plum, a @pinkladyappleuk (both speed free), a Jaffa cake alpen light (1/2 HE B choice) and a cup of tea (part HE A choice for @mydairyfreedream rice milk). ☕️🍎🍊🍫
This new candle from this months @thevegankind box smells insanneeee. @harperscandles Little Black Cat. 😍
I’ll post tomorrow with all the contents of my @thevegankind box. 🌱

I received a lovely package just a couple of days ago. A selection of one of my faaaaaavoutire healthy treats. Thank you Squirrel Sisters! @squirrelsisters snack bars are so indulgent, super clean and everything I look for in a synful snack. They’re all soooooo tasty, you’ll have seen me rave about these a few times before. I used to buy them from @hollandandbarrett but now they’re available on @ocadouk which means I’ll be able to get them with my usual shopping order! I’m a big fan of Ocado anyway; so excited I can get them on there now. AND they’re currently on introductory offer on Ocado so there is no better time to buy; £1.32 per pack rather than £1.99. My favourite hands down is the cacao brownie, I’m not surprised it won a Great Taste award last year! 😍😛
These bars are vegan, gluten free, raw, gluten free, paleo, an amazing source of fibre, contain no added sugar and are seriously indulgent and delicious! Each 20g bar is under 91 calories each! Plus the gorgeous sisters who make them are beautiful and seriously lovely. 💖
Each pack has 2 x 20g bars so you can share or eat the two! I never share as they’re so worth the syns. 😂😍
Cacao brownie - 164 calories for both 20g bars so 8 syns
Cacao Orange - 164 calories for both 20g bars so 8 syns
Raspberry ripple - 174 calories for both 20g bars so 8.5 syns
Coconut cashew - 182 calories for both 20g bars so 9 syns
Delicious, clean, smart, amazing way to use syns for your sweet tooth 👌😍

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