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happy Easter! Plz enter my flash giveaway! -
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My favorite color is to be the color color goriest ykrk

Thick ‘n glossy sloim tutorial! Lmk if you liked it! sorry abt the super old music 🎶 i literally don’t have anything that’s popular rn lol

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Ocean dough! -
New slime that is in my shoppe now! It comes with a beach umbrella and a Hershey bar, and inflates like nobody’s business 😄 literally became 18oz no kidding 🧒

Would you rather never be able to have dessert again or only have dessert for the rest of your life? -
Hey yalllll my acc is low key a flop fest but it’s all good cause ilyall! Here’s some orange zotz base cause imma stock it soon❤️

Have you ever seen a ghost?
Just some random butter slime i made w my friend yesterday! I finally painted my nail and i LOVE! I got the polish from Live Love Polish❤️

Amazing thickness and bubble pops (even my camera was shook, literally and physically) on rosehip milk tea brought to you by Liz aka @popularslime !! Yes i know i already posted this slime but in the other video it was under-activated🤧🤧 sorry about that! I hope you guys like this one better ❤️ #popularslimeproof

Last post! I’m quitting slime bye!
Haha April fools ily guys 🤟💕

A weird avalanche that will definitely surprise you! -
Comment how many views this had when you saw it!
So i couldn’t bring all of the slime i wanted to back home because one of my containers was full with shells, so last night i just stuck some of it into a cup full of water and then it like leveled out on the top¿ so i actually filmed this on the boat 🚣

Hey guys! Back at it with the normal videos ❤️ First person to guess the name of this slime gets a shoutout! @SLIMEY.BANDIT GOT IT 😁 🎉 -
This or that!
Pineapple or mango?
M&ms or Hershey?
Bacon or sausage?
my cruise ends tomorrow 😢 but I’m exited to see Lola when i get back!

Slime on a cruise P.4 - Belize🇧🇿 -
My nails are chipping :( i just went snorkeling and found a Dead Sea urchin! They’re so. Freakin. Pretty. Watch till the end to see it! If you leave them out in the sun they turn white and😍

Slime on a cruise p.3 Roatan
Hopefully this won’t flop🤧have you ever been on a cruise? This is my first one 🙊👊 yes i know this is the same slime i only brought one 👊👍

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