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Tammy :')  (っ◔◡◔)っ i love you guys so much :)


Review on @kumaslime ! she sent me 3 slimes, borax, note, squishy, and a bookmark :) she is a friend of my friend so here was no shipping whatsoever (her fc: 128)
Packaging: 10/10: everything was securely taped !
purple butter slime: 10/10 not really butter slime. I think it needed more clay but it was fun to play with :)
🍇purple slime/green slime/ yellow slime: 9/10 not really stretchy and smelled like laundry detergent so I'm guessing she uses laundry detergent to activate her slimes WHICH IS NOT A PROBLEM. Btw they all had the same texture just different colours so I'm just going to review them as one.
Thanks for sending me this package @kumaslime !! I loved everything !! Everyone give her a follow @kumaslime @kumaslime @kumaslime @kumaslime

Glitter crunch :) | how did you find my acc??

another one?!??

mix for pre 100k 🙏

Slime collection<3
Why hasn't anyone done this before aahhh

review for @yuhslime !
she sent me 3 slimes, borax, iridescent flakes and a note!! (Her fc: 470) quick note: I will be posting Slime vids today. sorry about these reviews!!
📦Packaging 9/10: shipping took a week (I think) and arrived in a bubble mailer!! There was a minor leak but other than that it was perfect!
🎁Slimes 9/10: the chocolatey one was really nice it was scented sorta like chocolate too. The other two pink slimes were really milky but not sticky. But they all smelled reaaaally nice. One was scented like watermelons and I LOVE IT.
Thank you so much for sending your slimes to me @yuhslime !! I loved everything so everyone, go follow @yuhslime

trade package w/ beeb @slimeplistic !! She sells fishbowl beads, slushee beads, and floam beads! (press the link in her bio to purchase)
she sent me 4 Fimo slice canes, 3 glitter shakers, one bottle of pB&j scents (TYSM), 8oz fishbowl beads, and an orange floam!! (Fc: 4451)
📦Packaging: 10/10 sent in a bubble parcel and arrived in 1 week! Absolutely no leakage!!
🎁Slime: 9/10 It was super sticky so I fixed it OFF camera but after the activator was added, it was super crunchy and smelled sorta like crush soda or Fanta!!
You guys should definitely follow her @slimeplistic !! She's a good friend of mine!! She has an etsy acc where she sells FOAM BEADS, FISHBOWL BEADS, SLUSHEE BEADS and more! Press the link in her bio to purchase!!

Slime review for @jigglymilk !
(her fc: 479)
tysm for sending this package all the way from hawaii ♡
📦Packaging ☆☆☆☆☆ Sent in a bubble parcel! Everything was wrapped in bubble wrap and secured with tape. No leaks. Took 6 days to ship!
♡Buttered Popcorn ☆☆☆☆
was scented with cucumber soap and arrived sticky but was fixed with some activator! Super crunchy, stretchy and leaves no residue! The slime shrunk bc i kept playing with it tho ):
♡Haupia ☆☆☆☆☆
was super soft and smelled so good! Was not sticky at all and didnt need any activator at all!

give your fav slime in here a name| I think the yellow clear with fimo looks like lemonade 🍋

what's your fav mobile/pc game?

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